Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The Wanted – Chasing the Sun

2012: Year of the Rooftop.


Iain Mew: “And there, in the Live Lounge, you just heard Mark Owen, covering an unreleased song by Example! WOW. The texts are already coming in. Wasn’t that incredible?”

Jamieson Cox: I certainly understand the commercial appeal of a gaggle of cute British boys landing on American shores, but this isn’t anything but another slice of general, banal Eurothump, the likes of which can be found a block in any direction in recent months. I did have a chuckle at the line “we’re hypnotized by drums.” Can one of you gents direct me to that hypnotic percussion, please? Because I’m surely not hearing any here.

Jonathan Bogart: Absent the louche brio of “Glad You Came,” the wan Ibiza gestures sound pretty much exactly like what I would have expected British boy-band pop to sound like in 2012, if I had been trying to guess based on the Robbie Williams solo records of the late 90s.

Brad Shoup: In a nice demonstration of austerity, lyrics are recycled for maximum savings. But it’s really about the close-mic’d bros flexing brave on their partying. I can’t be arsed to look it up, but one of the Wanteds is sounding downright logy; he nearly cocks it all up. “Chasing the Sun” is exactly how Ibiza sounds to American light-lager marketers, but the charts needs more boys making with the “oh”s. 

Alfred Soto: Rupert Brooke by way of David Guetta has always struck me as a most felicitous artistic breakthrough.

Katherine St Asaph: The sun’s in no danger.

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