Saturday, May 16th, 2009

The Singles Jukebox Eurovision Liveblog!

Hello, and welcome The Singles Jukebox’s first ever liveblog of anything, but especially the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is being held in Moscow this year; our panel, by contrast, are in lots of different places, none of which (so far as we know) are Moscow. The contest proper starts at 8pm, but our coverage starts at 7.30pm (all times UK, because we invented cricket). The first half-hour will basically be spent waiting for people to turn up, as well as allowing our editor to push lots of buttons and see if any of them work, but there’s still a kind of fun in that.

Incidentally, if you wanna leave us any comments, then the magic liveblog box has a facility for doing that, and if you do it via that, then that’s the way we’re most likely to see them.

One Response to “The Singles Jukebox Eurovision Liveblog!”

  1. You guys not watching the feed are missing some Grade A stage-milling right about now!