Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Grimes ft. Majical Cloudz – Nightmusic

From Amadeus to Tumblr…


Kat Stevens: Grimes’s cutesiness is the only thing that’s really stopping my continued enjoyment of “Oblivion” (but it’s a big thing), and here it’s safely obscured under layers of wishy-washy bibble that will probably turn up on the penultimate track of a Fabric mix at some point this year. I’m glad her lisping isn’t as audible on this track. I feel bad for picking up on a speech impediment when she probably can’t help it, but I am a shallow person so there we are.

Brad Shoup: More like snooze-ic video, amirite?

Iain Mew: Sounds lovely, serves fine as an album track where it’s a textured corridor somewhere between “Be a Body” and “Skin”, and is a terrible choice of single. Which is to say that I’m having to write this while it’s playing to know for sure which song it is. Still, in Majical Cloudz it does offer the best featured-artist’s-name-as-description-of-sound since Neon Hitch.

Alfred Soto: While the vocals conjure late ABBA with an electronic gauze, Benny and Bjorn didn’t typically let a track dribble past the five-minute mark.

Ramzi Awn: I’m pretty sure I heard some baby talk in there, but I don’t really care. The synths are the scene-stealers in “Nightmusic,” climbing and reaching heights so painterly you could almost see the snow-covered anime mountains in the near distance. The levity of the song is also key to its success.  The vocals aren’t the strong point here, and the track invites a better hook, but they get the job done. I can’t shake the English alt-rock vibe I’m getting, and I’m in no hurry to.

Jer Fairall: Crafting a pop song that asks the listener to struggle to find pleasure in it is kind of an asshole thing to do.

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