Friday, June 1st, 2012


Wallpaper.: considerably fewer than douze points!


Alex Ostroff: Is this the Wallpaper. that did the awesome remix of Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell? Apparently it is. I’m not sure why the obnoxious stupidness of Das Racist on that track was charming, whereas this makes me long for the comparative tastefulness of LMFAO — a phrase I didn’t even think was possible. For a few minutes, it can feel incredibly fun, but before long, I feel dirty and uncomfortable and in need of a shower, much like frat parties.

Brad Shoup: They’re not even partying ironically; they’re partying ashamedly. If only the “check my Spanish” part didn’t lead to the Berlitz for Racists; it could’ve been the non sequitur to save this thing. They get props for including the blank, but demerits for that puffy synth fanfare at the end: the compositional equivalent of serving Casa Noble Reposado mixed with Crystal Light Grapefruit.

Iain Mew: “Margaritas and microwave pizzas” is the best joke here, and much of that it is because it is sneaked in with sweetness rather than pumped full of ironic faux-drunken obnoxiousness. I struggled to make it past the first verse on my first go and the rewards for doing so, while they are there, aren’t enough to compensate.

Anthony Easton: Will be played in every bro-bar and by every frat house in town, where the tension between the homosocial connection to masculine power and the traditionally misogynist need to “conquer” women is still operational, despite decades of attempting to recondition. I am just glad I no longer live in a neighbourhood where those demographics are common.

Edward Okulicz: Okay, so 2012 hasn’t been a barrel of laughs, but why has the Internet stretched to make this a thing of some kind? Why is the Youtube comments thread on this buzzing? Why are people blogging about it? Why aren’t more people calling it what it is: the bro “Friday”?

Alfred Soto: Not as generous, funny, or tuneful as “Red Solo Cup.” 

Katherine St Asaph: Self-satisfiedly garish, this is music’s equivalent of one of those cartoon computer viruses that spurt technicolor gibberish all over the screen to remind you to announce their unwanted presence.

Jonathan Bogart: It’s such a toss-up. Do I go with my current reaction, or my predicted reaction around, say, October, when I’ve flipped through five stations without landing on one that’s not playing it? Because right now I’m feeling sleepily indulgent: willing to use some faux-populist construction like “x deserve their y anthems, too,” where x is, I dunno, fratty Cali hipsters and y is, say, blackout drinking. But I just know that if I have to hear that creep smarm “check my Spanish” when I haven’t specifically tapped something in order to hear it, I’ll get real furious real fast. So here’s to the limited marketing potential of the Internet!

Jonathan Bradley: Fucking best song everrr? Laughing my fucking ass off.

3 Responses to “Wallpaper. – FUCKING BEST SONG EVERRR”

  1. I first heard this at a party an loved it. Then I listened to it sober and hated it.

  2. That’s probably the ideal review of this.

    Also, the fact that Christy Karacas directed the video makes me feel funny.

  3. Will rep for Wallpaper.’s Doodoo Face from a few years ago. Seems at least semi-satirical — on the last album, he mixed up “douche bag character” (the aural equivalent of Schmidt from New Girl, except Schmidt would never listen to it) with this charmingly banal stuff — “you are my orange juice — I got to have you every day” Name-drops two-buck Chuck/Trader Joe’s, lots of other hopelessly uncool signifiers. I’d be happy to see something this dumb “accidentally” succeed. It only took me, what, two years to “figure out” LMFAO, right?