Monday, July 16th, 2012

Wiley ft. Ms. D – Heatwave

Alack, the glory days of 2010…


Anthony Easton: The chorus refuses to break through into transcendence, while the verses are a random list of things that are good about summertime. The only unique detail is slush puppies (have I told you how awesome banana Slurpees are? Because they are.) The whole thing just sort of moves around and refuses to commit.

Iain Mew: There’s actually most of an impressive pop song about the joy of partying in summer here played straight, with a starry-eyed chorus to rival Dev and perky synths bubbling around behind the verses enthusiastically. That those verses are Wiley in particularly tricksy and matter-of-fact form is a stroke of genius. The contrast only makes him sound sharper and funnier, from his impatient demands to play his song to his exacting specificity on bikes and Slush Puppies.

Kat Stevens: Oh Wiley, even the presence of a dog eating an ice cream in the video is not enough to distract me from the fact that this is awful. If it’s meant to be a satire of Dizzee’s “Holiday” shouldn’t it be funny?

Pete Baran: If there is one thing you can say about Wiley, he’s never short of words — which is why the amount of repetition in Heatwave is disappointing. Not just the sung vocal with its pervy “upon my body” repeat, but of Wiley’s own rhymes. Perhaps rationing is the secret of releasing so much material, but this doesn’t feel like the comeback I was waiting for. Musically it’s making a lot of the right noises for a summer hit, but Wiley himself seems like he couldn’t care less.

Brad Shoup: Wake me up when September ends.

Alfred Soto: OK OK I get it!

Jonathan Bogart: I know she’s saying “on my body on my body,” but I keep hearing “I’m a body I’m a body” and recoiling from the materialist abyss.

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