Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Sticky ft. Lady Chann – Your Eye Too Fast

We liked what he did with Ms Dynamite – will this float the boats again?…


Alex Macpherson: The recent convergence of UK funky with dancehall is a beautifully inevitable development which pretty much assures that this summer is going to be fucking brilliant – especially if the unstoppable “Your Eye Too Fast” is a harbinger of quality. Sticky’s already given us one single of the year in Ms Dynamite’s “Bad Gyal”, and he picks up precisely where he left off: those unmistakeable socafied rhythms, galloping and cascading while bursts of strings dart off at tangents and an addictive house piano riff underpins it all. It’s a bucking bronco of a beat, and Lady Chann rides it as hard as she does an errant boyfriend’s miserable ass. Fierce and ferocious, she castigates, denounces and threatens him with a tongue-lashing he’ll never forget. This is partly, of course, because she’s the first (of many, no doubt) to dare dip a toe into the waters of Recent Unpleasantness – though it’s more like wading bodily in and splashing it in everyone’s face, with the line everyone will quote (“ME A THE CHRIS BROWN, YOU A THE RIHANNA”) displaying a brilliant disregard for tastefulness. Music basically doesn’t come better than this; if you don’t get that, then you need not only new ears but a new ass.

Hillary Brown: I cannot fathom how anyone could enjoy this in any way. It doesn’t seem danceable. It doesn’t really have a melody. The rhythms aren’t interesting. I can’t understand the lyrics. Not only do I not like it, but I can’t get out of my head and into a space where others could.

David Raposa: Whatever Sticky’s rat-a-tat-tat Fugitive Riddim leaves standing, Lady Chann’s dungeon dragon style puts down quick and hard. I pity the fool that can’t keep his eyes on her prize.

Rodney J. Greene: The imitations that UK MCs have been doing for a while have been passable and all, but it’s high time that someone finally takes the initiative to introduce honest-to-god dancehall deejaying into funky house. Luckily, it’s such an obvious thing to do that the learning curve often involved in such fusions is nonexistent. Both elements are at their respective genres’ most rhythmically aggressive, and Lady Chann makes the most of the pugnacious occasion.

Michaelangelo Matos: Well made ragga-house: not a huge reward-in-itself, but there’s something in the tension between the raw vocal and the smooth music that strikes a unique spark.

Martin Skidmore: Energetic dance-reggae, with Lady Chann sounding positively angry at some man wanting sex too soon. The music is kind of jerky in parts, and a bit too celebratory for a song that is all about refusal. Still, if you ignore the meaning, and I often do, it’s the kind of thing to get me jumping around, except when the impetus is lost in the odd clunky moments.

Dave Moore: Lady Chann’s aggressive delivery stands out in a generally clunky production — each element kind of hangs out in its corner and the effect is of a song with several of its layers accidentally muted. I can imagine her voice having real power in either a more spare or complementary lush setting, but this middle ground makes everything sound awkward.

Tom Ewing: Vivid, lubricious, uncontrolled, silly excitement – gawd bless you, Sticky. This is the piss-elegant side of funky – those aggressively, ostentatiously classy Latin rhythms – allied to Lady Chann’s chat, a masterclass in derisive force. The two parts never quite mesh, which makes the record seem more spontaneous, riskier, closer to implosion.

11 Responses to “Sticky ft. Lady Chann – Your Eye Too Fast”

  1. Skidmore, it’s not about a guy wanting sex too soon, it’s about her man’s wandering eyes. “Fi di second time today/ Me see your eye dem stray/…/You na gon sex tonight/ That’s right!”

  2. I’d like a recount that excludes Hilary’s hanging chad of a score.

  3. The first two comments, taken alone, are just perfect.

    I probably would have given it a 5 or a 6, I really really don’t get the fuss her. It’s pleasantly abrasive, I suppose, but “Music basically doesn’t come better than this”? Really, Lex?

  4. Oh wow, this would be #3 w.o Hillary.

  5. Rodney made me reconsider my initial 6 simply by telling me how much he liked it, so thanks again.

  6. Recount! Recount!

    This, ‘Bad Gyal’ and Crazy Cousinz’ ‘Inflation’ are easily my singles of ’09 so far, and no, music doesn’t get better than UK funky right now. When I first heard it I literally screamed like a girl at how good it was, like 10 seconds into it just going “AAHHHH THIS IS INCREDIBLE”, and played it about 94974034 times in a row, and then that night heard it in a club for the first time and it was EVEN BETTER. So much fun to dance to. Jordan S asked elsewhere, “if you don’t want to dance to funky house, are you dead inside y/n?” – the answer is unequivocally yyyyyy.

  7. I find it very difficult to dance to funky house!

    I’m not sure about this really – the Gloria Gaynor piano is good and Lady Chann is good but the combination of the two is a hard to stomach (though I am a bit hungover).

  8. “Fi di second time today/ Me see your eye dem stray/…/You na gon sex tonight/ That’s right!”

    talk about catch 22!

  9. Now now, everyone is entitled to their Top Ten-robbing goose egg. Hillary just used hers more tactically than others.

  10. Strangely (or not so strangely, since it’s well known I hate the U.K.), my reaction so far has been close to Dave’s: the elements don’t jell for me and this makes me trip over my shoelaces. But that’s how I originally felt about “Bad Gyal,” too, which I eventually found my way into (though only up to about a 7), so maybe this’ll be a grower.

  11. Ha! I’m not tactical. I just can’t fathom how y’all like this. It’s so annoying!