Friday, September 21st, 2012

Big Boi ft. Theophilus London – She Said OK

But did she say it with the enthusiasm Mr. Patton displays here…?


Will Adams: “Let me see your titties” is one of the more interesting ways to begin a song.

Patrick St. Michel: A song boasting a hook of “Let me see your titties” isn’t a shocker coming from a guy who installed a stripper pole in his house. Big Boi went and made a straight-to-the-strip-club anthem, and he’s still acting like the kid who wouldn’t stop laughing during junior high sex ed. The one alarming thing here is how much of a dad Big Boi sounds while singing about fucking. He outs his age by using Shaq as an example of poor free-throw shooting (all the cool kids reading Basketball-Reference know Dwight Howard should go in there) and his Family Guy reference is the sort of joke I could imagine my dad would make if he ever cracked jokes about doing it. 

Jonathan Bogart: This is the kind of wink-nudge oo-er nonsense I expect from a much younger, much less confident man. Not that Big Boi necessarily has any responsibility to act his age, and if there’s one thing the history of rap ballads has taught us it’s that giggling about sex is a great way to move units. But I don’t have to listen to it.

Jonathan Bradley: This sort of languid funk used to sound just fine when it formed the backdrop of Outkast skits — and they didn’t feature Theophilus London schmutzing up the proceedings either. Big Boi: Dre falling the fuck off is no reason for you to dive after him.

Alfred Soto: The most languid stripper ode ever recorded? Credit the watery guitar and drawled chorus. While some may object to the anonymity of the sexing, Big Boi is so amiable that cunnilingus becomes a form of courtly love. 

Anthony Easton: Does she have a name, or a voice beyond biology — can she say no in any capacity? Also, I am becoming convinced that the taste for a bare bush is about control and initialization, and comparing a woman to a consumable, while common, attaching that to pubic hair sort of proves the point. I could keep elucidating the problems here — skill at fellatio enough to paralyze a man, but no discussion of the “artists” in question reciprocating, for example — but you know, it’s a waste of my time and yours. It’s a shame, because Big Boi is a great producer, and Theophilus London has skills. Plus the last chorus suggests the possibility for some autonomy. If I was the woman in question, I wouldn’t show them either my pussy or my titties, unless there was a massive redistribution of power. 

Brad Shoup: So there are roughly 4,000 strip clubs in America. Is that enough to make writing songs explicitly for them a worthwhile investment? Is that when you know you’ve made it as a modern rocker/rapper — you get a lapdance to your own song without tipping the DJ? And couldn’t someone write a languid, flanged-guitar tribute to the guy who installs his subs? I swear Theophilus is saying he’s a “fly Brooklyn bitch” (no comma) and then offers to take a pee. This is a poor cousin to “Wanna Get to Know You,” that’s for sure.

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