Monday, September 24th, 2012

L.O.C. ft. Barbara Moleko – Helt Min Egen

Denmark can sample too…


Jonathan Bogart: Danish hip-hop can be just as miserabilist and self-important as the American kind? Well, bully for it.

Iain Mew: Irish Dane Liam O’Connor is the least interesting thing about his own track here. His deep groaning rapping style just doesn’t sound very good — see also his version of Medina’s “Kun for Mig”. On the other hand, the maximalist production sounds completely amazing, from the beats and screams pumped full of air to the pianos tinkling in space. As a further plus, Barbara Moleko’s hooks carved out of crystal get about as much time as L.O.C. does. 

Will Adams: Five points for Barbara Moleko’s tactile hook. Small change for everything else.

Alfred Soto: The production boasts an attractive density: sampled scream, piano, rumbling electrobass. The rapping boasts an unattractive density.

Brad Shoup: The translation I found makes this sound pretty smart. L.O.C. kicks the can down the road to a farting bass, with Moleko popping in frame every so often to roll her eyes (joined by that headsmack of a sampled scream). Even without the inferred comeuppance, I’d be down with his po-faced rumbling flow.

Anthony Easton: It is good to know that Danish attempts at remaking soul are as dull as American or English attempts; it’s good to know that they are mediocre at something. 

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