Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Missy Elliott ft. Timbaland – Triple Threat

Ah yes, that old song-and-dance act…


Patrick St. Michel: Of the two new Missy Elliott songs to come out last week, here’s the one worth paying attention to.  Despite an extended rap, Timbaland puts together a great beat made up of strings, 8-bit bloops and rattling bass hits.  Missy, meanwhile, doesn’t knock anything out of the park lyrically, but sounds plenty energetic.  Plus, it’s always nice to hear a familiar voice that has been away for a bit.

Iain Mew: The strings and rattling beat set the scene really well, it’s just a shame that they don’t do something more with them. The low level of content beyond “Missy and I”/”Timby and I” is disappointing and the triple threat of the title remains just a threat.

Brad Shoup: More like a dispatch to let us know they’re still around than a declaration of powers, “Triple Threat” finds Missy and Timbo in their comfort zones, sadly. There’s hardness instead of joy, no WTF ad-libs (from either one). The sequencing is straight out of “Ayo Technology”-era Timbaland (which is cool); the strings and main synth line are spooky enough, but still more sluggish than I would hope for. And I’m afraid the UGK bite on the refrain makes me think of “Big Pimpin'” way more than I should.

Jonathan Bradley: There’s nothing ignoble about tracing Pimp C’s “Pourin’ Up,” nor, if you’re Timbaland, refraining from rapping on the hot beat you’ve given your greatest living creative partner. (“9th Inning” should have been so lucky.) “Triple Threat” sounds like this duo should: careening, thumping beats with Missy razor sharp over the top. Here she calls herself a “pretty diva” and finds new edge to an old domestic violence joke: “Me and Timbaland the new Ike and Tina.” (Or more palatably, they make “hits like Venus and Serena.”) For a good while there it seemed like Missy no longer deserved the title epithet. Welcome back.

Alfred Soto: The ending is a spectacular overstating of outworn ideas, obsolete when Lil Wayne was still cutting mixtapes. The string sample is a good challenge to which I wish Timbo and Missy herself could have risen.

Jonathan Bogart: There’s trad Timbo stuttering here, but they both feel slightly off their game, as though they’re trying to wear clothes that fit them ten years ago. No matter how strictly you control your body mass index, things shift around.

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  1. I liked Missy when she sounded like Missy and not some warmed-over Southern rapper/Kanye hybrid.