Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Professor Green ft. Sierra Kusterbeck – Avalon

Wait, which D&D expansion pack is this?


Brad Shoup: Two-part question: do you like Paramore, but wish Hayley Williams sang less about real shit and more about faded empire? For me, the answers are “no” and “surprisingly, yes.” I dunno, something about ending your chorus with “we ran to Avalon” unties a lot of knots. It’s a big murky mess, with dumb chug during Kusterbeck’s refrains; I can practically hear my windshield wipers flapping along. Go get that Game of Thrones money, Professor.

Iain Mew: The long shadow of “Written in the Stars” continues. I like this attempt a little better than “Read All About It” because Professor Green makes more interesting lines out readymade epic imagery than his own life, and because Sierra Kusterbeck being a weaker singer means the choruses stick out a little less, but it’s still a stale format.

Patrick St. Michel: Someone call the Vans’ Warped Tour, we got one of the token rap acts right here.

Anthony Easton: Sierra’s verse here is so languid that it must be an artistic choice, and I am damned to tell if it is one that improves or destroys Professor Green’s angular verses. 

Will Adams: Professor Green moping and Sierra Kusterbeck braying, all atop an instrumental that sounds like an Evanescence demo: This is about as appealing as a warm energy drink. Hey, wait a sec…

Jonathan Bradley: Constipated yaps don’t turn into rapping merely by virtue of a backbeat. White boys haven’t sounded this bad on the mic since the days of Morris Minor and the Majors — and at least they had “comedy” on their side.

6 Responses to “Professor Green ft. Sierra Kusterbeck – Avalon”

  1. This is impeccable nerd-rock. What is wrong with you guys? Professor Green and Sierra Kusterbeck (!) know their audience. Isn’t that what pop is supposed to do?

  2. I liked it!

  3. Nerds of a feather :)

  4. I mean, my stance is that what pop is supposed to do is be good.

  5. Hey laura you can say what you like about his music but at least he writes his own lyrics and does not have a whole team of writers and producers like these fake plastic pop ‘singers’ it really gets on my nerves when people feel they must share an opinion about something just because they dont know real music when they hear it…honestly girl go open your ears and stop criticising people who have seen more than you will ever know!

  6. Oh, I am going to screencap the everloving daylights out of you.