Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Alt-J – Something Good

Remember how you responded when a teacher called you “promising”?


Iain Mew: Alt-J create music that shows obvious evidence of how carefully it has been pieced together. It’s not quite minimalist, but there’s a efficiency designed to point at elements in light, fresh yet uneasy songs. I would be slightly scared of the results if new British indie bands taking after In Rainbows and xx in equal measures becomes a wider thing, but I’m glad this one did.

Anthony Easton: Smooth, and it sparkles, sort of like the soundtrack to Patton Oswalt reading his gentle tweets. 

Patrick St. Michel: The musical arrangement sounds promising, but Alt-J never take it anywhere more interesting than “art-school-dorm-room messing around.”  The vocals sound like Alt-J forgot to record them the first time around, so they rushed some bland mumbling about bullfighting over it.

Brad Shoup: So what would the Alt-J keyboard command be? Does it open Thought Catalog?

Katherine St Asaph: “Something good will make me forget about you,” the guy mewls. Piano droplets rain from the sky, and it’s true: I forget about him. Then either they’ve disappeared or I’ve forgotten them too.

Alfred Soto: Pretty to no purpose, even the piano trills lifted from nineties Moby.

Will Adams: I agree, In Rainbows is something good.

2 Responses to “Alt-J – Something Good”

  1. Brad – on a Mac it makes a triangle. There is a reason that I didn’t mention this in support of liking them.

  2. The Wikipedia article I checked was most unhelpful then. Unlike you, Iain! Next time I’ll just type the bloody thing.