Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross & Cam’ron – I Am Your Leader

Don’t get it wrong, we’re still Barbies though…


Jonathan Bradley: I gotta admit, none of these very entertaining rappers is at his or her best here, but each is so complementary and competent that the combination seems better than it should. I like Nicki’s always versatile boasts, here calling herself Santa Claus and finding a new twist on the “I have a private jet” trope: “When I fly it’s one letter and one number.” I also like Cam’s contribution, because, when it’s been this long since we’ve heard from him, even rudimentary Dipsisms like “See, the car’s European but got imported from Tokyo/Looking like a shark; the nose, call it Pinocchio” are mildly thrilling. Oh yeah, Rick Ross is here too, but even the “suck a big dick” hook outclasses him. Sorry Rozay: alongside tongues this acrobatic, you’re bound to come off clumsy.

Brad Shoup: This is the Roman Reloaded Hit-Boy track that doesn’t sound like it should actually be called “Beez in the Trap”. It’s a chiller minimalism than “Beez,” and since Nicki got two guests not known for throwing beads, everything’s okay. There must have been some kind of lyrical collaboration here: Nicki’s Santa reference gets brushed off by Cam, who picks up Rozay’s attitude towards manners (and hammers). Is it lazy? Intertextual? No idea, but note this: beaching the break upfront is a huge no-no.

Patrick St. Michel: “I Am Your Leader” boasts the better guest spots — Rick Ross fits in a good line about being “Vince McMahon with a beat” while it is just nice to hear Cam’ron on something like this — but “Beez In The Trap” did chilly minimalism better. Nicki Minaj sounds fine sticking it to haters, and might be the first rapper to consider getting merchandise into Hot Topic something to brag about, but Hit-Boy’s beat is simply serviceable instead of shiver-inducing.

Anthony Easton: You know there are so many much more interesting sex acts than fellatio, and I am convinced that wanting to have fellatio to prove you are better than your partner is a bigger douche move than driving what must be the world’s most expensive Benz into a low income housing area; add to that Nicki Minaj internalizing the worst of this misogyny, and I’m just bored. 

Iain Mew: The weightless swish and hum is great, but compared to the rest of the album’s first section “I Am Your Leader” is short on memorable lines in its verses. And “suck a big dick” is no “dick in your faaace, I put my dick in your faaaaaace”.

Katherine St Asaph: Nicki’s already got no choice but to release her second-string rap-market songs. Hmm. Wonder how that could have been averted? (By releasing “HOV Lane.”) (Or giving Rick Ross a break, though he’s likely a status symbol.) (Nothing anyone suggests about Nicki Minaj’s career will register at this point, hence the parentheticals.)

Alfred Soto: Minaj, at her most assured, walks panther-like through the verses, raising the game such that the chorus isn’t the disappointment it at first sounds like. But from Ross going “give me brain while I tweet” to that chorus I don’t know what A&R guy (do they still exist?) thinks he can get this into the top ten. 

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