Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The Wanted – I Found You

Note: this does not mean we have aligned with TWFanmily. Or with the Directioners. We’re currently mulling over our options and trying to figure who can offer the best protection…


Katherine St Asaph: What the hell happened? On paper, this is awful: “We Found Love” with the leftover “Glad You Came” presets, polluted with blorty bass and disco and handclaps, as a booty call, with a chorus entirely in falsetto and a strained soulful bridge. But they sell it like The Rapture. Forget that Canadian kid; our next Timberlake may well come from abroad.

Brad Shoup: The falsettos are paltry soul, but they’re shuffled tight enough to create something like the intended effect. Similarly, the faux-house exhortation to the people ends up somewhere interesting instead of straight-up embarrassing.

Anthony Easton: I love when the church and the club collapse under the power of a full disco banger, especially when you read “church” as a gold lamé bedecked boudoir. Cut the first verse, and it’s almost perfect: the echoing hand claps, the stuttering lasers, the falsetto chorus, and the vocal effects. 

Alfred Soto: By the time Clear Channel pummeled “Glad You Came” into me in July I had cried uncle weeks before, so I was ready for conversion. The Philip Bailey-style falsettos, filtered through several years’ worth of Calvin Harris-Guetta remixes, are more batshit than I’d expect from such hot young things. There’s still not much of a song though, and they ain’t fooling anybody with the blinded-by-the-light testifyin’.

Patrick St. Michel: Reading YouTube comments between One Direction fans and The Wanted fans is way less grating than the chorus on “I Found You.”

Will Adams: It’s courteous of them to always start off with the chintzy accordion synth, allowing me ample time to switch to another radio station. But what if I were sitting in the back seat, and had no choice but to listen to the horrid strains over mind-numbing bosh? Calling shotgun has never seemed so necessary.

Edward Okulicz: A smarter, catchier, better “Glad You Came,” saved by a bigger, deeper groove, and topped with a potentially disastrous but quite effective falsetto chorus. Where the average accordion house single skips along, this one stalks with unexpected claws in its beats.

Zach Lyon: I totally support pitting them against 1D after every single single, so let’s talk about the main reason “I Found You” wins this round with fervor: that chorus. Where the chorus of “Live While We’re Young” is interchangeable with those of their previous two hits — to the extent that getting any one of them stuck in my head meant getting all three stuck in my head — the Wanted boys know to change things up. A lot. And I don’t think the same criticism can be levied against the already-stale-in-2010 Euro accordion synth that we already heard in “Glad You Came”, because at least Steve Mac turns them into something nice and sinister. Also not to be underestimated: their wonderful tries at rough ‘n’ throaty baritone in the verses, the successful stomp in the chorus.

Iain Mew: Masking their particular vocal shortcomings by doing devotional falsetto for most of the song is an unexpectedly brilliant move, helped by imagery as striking as a “river of pure emotion”, but it’s not even the best one here. That would be taking the balearic beats of “Glad You Came” and twisting them hard into a vicious death spiral after every chorus.

4 Responses to “The Wanted – I Found You”

  1. oh good, I had to read the phrase “TWFanmily” again.

  2. It is terrible! “Directioner” is terrible in a different way though.

  3. I like “Directioner” cos it reminds me of orienteering.

  4. It’s nice to have a boy band that isn’t afraid to pump out some bangers. Really enjoy almost all of these guys’ work.