Monday, October 1st, 2012

Green Day – Nuclear Family

“Get it? Like, nuclear? Oh man, I can’t believe I just discovered this great pun!”


Brad Shoup: It’s power-pop of the sort Green Day could write in their sleep. It’s Rolling Stone rock ‘n’ roll, with ostensible truisms tossed in a room and a couple signifiers (angels’ piss, defective Ferris wheels) providing the rusty edges.

Patrick St. Michel: Green Day have reached the point in their career where they don’t even have to try and they’ll still find a way to sell thousands of albums.  They are releasing three albums in the next few months to seemingly just make a lame pun joke about their drummer.  Still, “Nuclear Family” is especially phoned in because they are at their most politically vague (and frustrating) and just ctrl + c’ed the riffs from “American Idiot.” 

Alfred Soto: A Return to Form because the character confesses his boredom over stop-start rhythms and the vocal melody evokes “Safe European Homes.” Another example of the Downward Spiral because there isn’t a single interesting line besides Dirndt’s bass.

Will Adams: Certainly an improvement over the slothful dirge of “Oh Love,” but it suffers from overcompression; those guitars are begging to burst into the sonic field, but someone – be it Billie Joe Armstrong, Rob Cavallo, a gremlin – won’t let them shine.

Edward Okulicz: Riff out of “Basketcase,” guitar and bass dropping out during Billie Joe’s verses from “American Idiot,” energy level back from when Green Day seemed vital and played lively. I mean this as a compliment: “Nuclear Family” is easily good enough for fourteen-year-olds and those whose tastes haven’t changed since fourteen.

Jonathan Bogart: The slight gestures towards rockabilly — or rather towards Social Distortion’s ca-1990 punk version of rockabilly — are rather nice. Everything else wears the ponderousness of guys who take themselves way too seriously self-consciously attempting to get back to their unserious roots.

4 Responses to “Green Day – Nuclear Family”

  1. passed out sick last night and woke up at 6 a.m., which is something I should really look into, but here’s what I would have written for this, more or less:

    “Green Day appears to have awoken from their collective dream where they’re suddenly on stage naked in front of a Broadway audience but hey, at least the chorus girls are naked too, so there’s that. I was going to make a comment about Billie Joe Armstrong at the iHeartRadio festival but he’s in rehab after the incident, which I don’t feel like joking about today except there should be some parallel rehabilitation for those who write headlines like “Justin Bieber Not Upset That Green Day Made Fun Of Him.” So… right! The song! I mean… it sounds like you’d have expected 7 years ago, OK?”


  2. Are Green Day dad-rock yet?

  3. More like DINK rock.

  4. I think Stephen King’s 2004 endorsement of American Idiot sealed the deal.