Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Introducing: Latin Grammy Week!

For the next three days, the Singles Jukebox will be exploring the work of the ten artists up for this years Mejor Nuevo Artista (Best New Artist) award at this year’s Latin Grammys, to be held this Thursday in Las Vegas. Will our MATHEMATICALLY CORRECT winner match up with the GRAMMY™ winner? Stick around and find out!

Why the Latin Grammys, specifically? For a while now we’ve been hoping to cover Latin pop with the same regularity and thoroughness that we cover Scandinavian, Korean, and Japanese pop, rather than simply waiting for the worldwide smashes that happen to be in Spanish or Portuguese to find us. Latin music is one of the biggest, and continually growing, markets in the worldwide music industry — not least in North America, where many of yr humble blurbers reside — but more importantly than that, it’s AWESOME and we want to listen to it and dance to it and make fun of it when it’s not so great, and we want you to too! I mean, our current high score for the year is held by a two-year-old Chilean song! An AWESOME two-year-old Chilean song; but there’s lots more where that came from.

So we hope you’ll join us. We love doing theme weeks (or part-weeks), and there’s always way more music than we can ever keep up with. Let us know what else you’d like to see!

3 Responses to “Introducing: Latin Grammy Week!”

  1. THANK YOU for this.

  2. What? Charli XCX (You’re the one) is british, not chilean! ;)

  3. Nobody’s perfect.