Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Amnesty FORTNIGHT 2012 is here

We’re 11.5 months into the year and we’ve reviewed a few hundred songs. About 750, but who’s bragging? But because we don’t always have our ear to the ground or to the radio at the right point (or because we put our hands over our ears and try to pretend something isn’t happening), sometimes a piece of the zeitgeist passes us by.

So, for the next two weeks, we will be making amends. Some of these songs are choices by individual writers. Some of them are ones we just thought we missed and are a tiny bit embarrassed about. And others will be chosen by you, the reader. And there’ll be a prize for the best entrant!


You send an email to which contains a 2012 single you think we should have covered, and a sentence that explains why you think we should have covered it. The best five entries will be covered in the second week. Then, an entry will be picked as the winner as based on a random criterion that will be picked out of a hat. Yes, an actual hat.

Inside this hat there will be some obvious categories like “highest score” or “most controversial” or “most ridiculous Lil Wayne guest verse” but it will be random, so you can’t just go picking some critical darling, some punching bag, or some song with Lil Wayne on it and expect to definitely win! It is in the hands of the gods, or more accurately, the hat of our editor.

Good luck, readers! Entries close after the first entry goes up on Monday 17 December.

And we have a winner! What came out of the hat was “Lowest average score”, which was Tuuli. Well done Joshua! A six month Spotify subscription is on its way to you!

7 Responses to “Amnesty FORTNIGHT 2012 is here”

  1. Can I submit more than one? Can I gush uncontrollably? Can they all be Chicago hip-hop?

  2. Because you asked nicely (and we didn’t specify a limit per reader): we’ll let you submit two, yes, and yes.

  3. Submitted. >:)

  4. By the way, I don’t know if you guys are already planning on convering it, but there’s a new Creep single out.

  5. Meant to alert the Selectors committee to the CREEP track – posted it on my Tumblr and facebook and forgot to email it off to the TSJ crew.

    It just came out this week, so you can suggest that we cover it now, but if we don’t cover it now I suspect we’ll probably cover it early in 2013? Mostly because we love them and they do well here and also because there’s no video yet and thus we have a bit of wiggle room before it will feel like we’ve missed the boat.

    It’s pretty ace, tho.

  6. It’s pretty ace, tho.

    ^ Definitely. Fine by me covering it now or earlier next year, just curious to see the general thoughts.

    Usually when I’m sure it’s going to please, Delilah’s Inside My Love being the most recent example, it ends up getting pretty divided, so looking forward to see how that one plays out.

  7. thanks, Edwardo!
    I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to see Sunny Hill here…but I will persevere nonetheless. this was fun. cheers to 2013!