Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz – RIP

We can use the lyrics of this song to calculate 2 Chainz’s bank balance. Go!


Josh Langhoff: DJ Mustard’s from L.A. but he’s shouted out Lil’ Jon in interview, and his “R.I.P.” beat feels like it could slip right into Tommy Boy’s 1999 comp Get Crunk!, where everyone chose dissing over dancing while the Club Crunk went up in flames. “R.I.P.” would be one of the more minimal tracks there, just a step up from the East Side Boyz’ “Who You Wit?”, a call/response cadence stripped bare. Mustard’s drumless beat — a composite of bass bounce, handclap, glockenspiel riff, and his own cadre of barking east side boyz — splits the difference between crunk funk and his minimalist “ratchet” thing. Or maybe it is his minimalist “ratchet” thing, dripping with all the personality of Jeezy’s voice. It’s an ideal setting for Jeezy to veer from Club Crunk stunting to old school shoutouts, and for 2 Chainz to land line after memorable line and rhyme “collard green” with “promethazine.” I could listen for hours but I don’t think they want me at their club.

Al Shipley: Given the desperation with which most rappers at his level jump on bandwagons, it’s always been more of a virtue than a shortcoming that Young Jeezy has remained steadfastly committed to the same kind of midtempo trap anthems that made him a star 8 years ago. So for him to finally break precedent lately, both with a recent E-40 remix and this DJ Mustard production, raises the question: it’s interesting to hear Jeezy on fast Cali club bangers, but how good is it really? I’m still a little on the fence, but the presence of 2 Chainz is just a reminder of how much better “I’m Different” was. 

Patrick St. Michel: 2 Chainz is not a particularly good rapper, and he is capable of bringing down otherwise good songs via his guest spots. Yet introduce him to an otherwise ho-hum song – like “RIP,” featuring a mediocre beat and a pretty disinterested Young Jeezy – and you have yourself a wildcard. “Keep shittin’ on niggas/need potty train” is a horrible line, but it doesn’t matter because before that one 2 Chainz drops the gem “attached to your girl like a .JPEG.” And he closes his verse with “I stack my money so tall/that you might need a giraffe/when you was countin this cash.” 2 Chainz being 2 Chainz, but 2 Chainz also being the best part of this song.

Brad Shoup: Something Houston about the bass stepping and eerie triangle. Kinda reminds me of “Tops Drop.” Young makes his “Cherchez La Jeezy” entrance, 2 Chainz dates his shit with .jpgs and N.W.A. resurrection, and it’s wonderful.

Jonathan Bogart: That fat 808 bassline covers a multitude of sins, though it’s sorely tried by the excruciating pun about “killing the club,” which is about the ceiling of wit to which Young Jeezy aspires. 2 Chainz, as usual, seems to be in a whole different song entirely, in the best possible way.

Crystal Leww: DJ Mustard provides a sparse, repetitive beat in the form of bounces, hand claps, and quiet “ay!”s. Young Jeezy delivers a couple of acceptable verses, not particularly exciting or memorable enough to really back up the claim “RIP, we just killed the club!”, but not offensive either. 2 Chainz continues to do great work on these guest verses. 

Anthony Easton: This might be the least obnoxious 2 Chainz featured work that I have heard. The percussion, working slightly louder, and slightly faster than a heartbeat, adds to the general paranoia. I also  like the dis about Cocaine Cowboys as a nostalgic activity. 

Edward Okulicz: It’s pretty cool how a song with almost nothing in it — just some ominous bassy synth line, a beat and a tinkle (which sounds very 90s) — seems so dense at times. Credit Jeezy here, whose verses are as likely the product of Ritalin as Patron, because he didn’t specify which drugs. As for Chainz’s bit about the giraffe-high stacks of cash, he’s either got a lot more money than you think, or he’s got it in dollar bills in which case this is a strip club the boys have walked into. Only thing dragging this down from the [9] is the so-so hook.

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