Friday, May 29th, 2009

Ace Hood ft. T-Pain & Akon – Overtime

Yes, that’s Akon and T-Pain on the same song. Not in the same photo, though. That would just be silly…


Jordan Sargent: Ace Hood doesn’t necessarily deserve a career, but his perpetual flopping makes it harder to reconcile the careers of people like Plies and Shawty Lo. Last summer his debut single “Cash Flow” should’ve been a hit, so it’s pretty sad to hear him come back with something as limp and dire as “Overtime”, a song so phoned in by Akon and The Runners that it makes it seem like the inspirational-rapping Ace isn’t in on a joke. As for its commercial prospects — well, it would’ve gotten left off of the “Space Jam” soundtrack.

Rodney J. Greene: Usually, Khaled Khrew releases earn their misplaced magnificence by featuring at least one or two dudes who are genuinely talented rappers. Being that Ace Hood can’t make up in enthusiasm what he lacks in charm and wit, he can’t sell the grandeur, either.

Al Shipley: Akon’s high lonesome croon on early hits like “Locked Up” and “Soul Survivor” sounded genuinely sad and refreshingly unique in the context of urban radio. But as his hit parade has trudged onward and his limited range has worn thin, his voice has become kind of unpleasantly pinched and froggy, to the point that I wince at the very sound of it.

Chuck Eddy: I guess this is supposed to be motivational-speaking pep-rally rap, like “Lose Yourself”, though I don’t know if I’d have ever figured out that highly inspirational theme if not for the video. On the radio, no way would I have even made it through the thing. Three or four brands of bombast thrown at you all at once for no good reason, as overloaded as it is oppressive.

Hillary Brown: You could cut out the verse entirely, and this would still get a 6 for the utterly repetitive but thoroughly melodic chorus that consists largely of the name of the song over and over. It’s the kind of summer song that handicaps itself through its inspirational content. Maybe it’s better if you’re training for something rather than lazing around?

Martin Kavka: This is one of those testament-to-effort songs that high-school principals will quote for years to come. Its doomed reception, however, doesn’t mean it’s crap. It even has quite a good T-Pain cameo, one in which emotion seeps through the AutoTune.

Alfred Soto: ‘Pac, Biggie, Jordan, Louis V tags – all the rote shout-outs galumph along to the metronome of T-Pain’s musty Auto-Tune gadgetry. I have no idea what this is about even after listening to it three times.

Martin Skidmore: I really like The Runners as producers, but why no slowed down repeats of the hook here? Still, they mix and layer the autotuned vocals very skillfully. I like Ace Hood’s tough tones too, fitting the expressed determination. His lyrics are pretty ordinary, though he sustains the metaphor pretty well here.

Michaelangelo Matos: “I’m going blind because I put in overtime”? Emphasis mine, of course–they bury the line because they know how fucking atrocious it is even in this sorry company, but you know, any way to make that cash money is a good one. Now for a long, hot shower.

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  1. im sorry for alfred that he listened to this song three times