Monday, May 6th, 2013

Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is the Sun

And he will deliver us from evil. And rickets.


Alfred Soto: The friends anticipating a new record also love Jack White, which is to say I’m not the target audience. The vocals don’t match the riffage, but what does these days?

Edward Okulicz: “Go With the Flow” will always be their classic in my ears — the perfect summation of the desire to rock hard while being secretly pop as fuck. This has riffs nearly of equal quality and a good driving rhythm but Josh Homme’s melody is a bit washed out and my tastes would have mixed him and the drums a bit higher. It’s tight, but you have to listen carefully to hear how tight it is. Still, the slow change-up at the end is surprising on first listen and still a bit disorientating on the fourth, though at the same time this just makes you wish they’d gone full stoner prog and chucked in a few more bits like that and stretched it to at least five minutes.

Iain Mew: I heard this on the radio in a car out of context before knowing that they were coming back and my friend and I wondered at length whether it was QOTSA or a new band doing a painstaking impression of them. I’m still not 100 per cent convinced; there’s something almost a little too perfectly preserved about it. The part where it slows right down before going “HU-” and kicking back in does belatedly bring it right to life though.

Brad Shoup: “Oh, you bastiches like Muse? Trip on this.”

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: When Queens of the Stone Age are on, they are what supergroups must sound like in the heads of those that form them: a gold-plated rock assault. Josh Homme’s unit are tightly-wound riff machines. When they aren’t on, they appear to think and act like machines. The cryptic approach of Homme’s lyrics hold the listener at arms’ length, the delivery too scuzzy to be grandiose, too arch to be mannered. “My God is the Sun,” claims Homme over and over, but we all know he believes in one thing, even when it comes at the expense of his band ever becoming more human than mechanical: he believes in The Riff and The Riff alone.

Crystal Leww: There have been a lot of religions throughout history that have thought the sun was related to God, and there are a lot of songs (by Queens of the Stone Age or other rock bands) that sound a lot like this one.

Jer Fairall: The lead guitar part is sharper and more angular than I would expect from such an avowed “stoner rock” outfit, like something out of one of Jimmy Eat World’s heavier tracks, perhaps. The lyrics drip with the mock profundity typical of the genre, however, and everything from Josh Homme’s humourless vocal to the prog-y break near the end are all too willing to fall in line.

Jonathan Bogart: If I were still in a position to get a lot out of new hard rock that clings to the old rifftacular verities and posits its dickswinging heroes as mythic overlords of some not-for-girls clubhouse, Queens of the Stone Age would probably really do it for me. 

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2 Responses to “Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is the Sun”

  1. Edward is correct. “Go With the Flow” is a pop gem.

  2. “Go With the Flow,” “First it Giveth,” “Gonna Leave You”… I wish they did more songs like that