Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Duck Sauce – It’s You

Coming back for third helpings…


Anthony Easton: I was taking a cab back from Montreal airport last week, and the only way I listen to radio these days is in a cab, and the local top 40 was playing Duck Sauce. It reminded me of how fantastic a song “Barbra Streisand” was and how well it held up. The great thing about this is that from the Western Swing introduction to the pure funk chorus, it is so joyful and so well constructed that it makes me sorry I missed Pride this year, because you damn well know this is going to come out of every patio.

Crystal Leww: I wish that Duck Sauce were still doing straight disco house. 

Alfred Soto: Anxiety of influence, or vertigo: a stew of Fatboy Slim mixology, undanceable beats, and cartoon sound effects.

Patrick St. Michel: This is as nondescript as it gets.

Brad Shoup: Injecting a so-so song with PEDs is the hack’s version of Big Beat. Our fellows set the bar higher by choosing such a Wonder-Bread cut (the pinched synth is terrible, but I imagine the actual guitar solo would be worse), but they mishandle the pauses and unfurl too much of the source material. I did enjoy the bits where the singer goes “well, you,” like he’s casually ending a friendly disagreement. That’s transformational.

Scott Mildenhall: If only they’d realised there’s still more mileage in sampling/stealing wholesale from Boney M. — they could have a whole album of the stuff (“Brown Girl In The Ring” particularly is ripe). With “It’s You” they provide a bit more entertainment than they did on their last outing, but for something presumably intended as a diversion it’s not quite diverting enough.

Will Adams: “Barbara Streisand” was like capturing lightning in a bottle (but like, really stupid lightning). “It’s You” is closer to a spark in scale. Absent of a hook and mostly perfunctory, it never proves itself to be worth more than any of the other electro swing nuggets of its ilk. It’s not even good filler.

Edward Okulicz: One listen to this and my burning nostalgia for the halcyon days of big beat was extinguished for good.

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    Please change the name of this site to “The Slayon Pope Jukebox” and only review Crayon Pop songs or artists that bare similarities to Crayon Pop.


  2. While the chances of that happening aren’t big, they’re not zero.