Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Daithí ft. Raye – Chameleon Life

Because, sadly, we must cover artists other than Crayon Pop.


Patrick St. Michel: This excites me because of all the possibilities it hints at for EDM. The music that gets shuffled under that vague category sound aggressive and often meatheaded, “brostep” turning out to be a pretty darn good alternative title to this stuff. I went to an EDM festival last month and it crushingly masculine – grown men going wild for male DJs while the most visible women were either vocal samples or dancers. “Chameleon Life” takes the template of most EDM-classified songs and makes them more approachable to everyone. It wubs and wobbles, but always sounds sprightly. The lyrics cover familiar YOLO ground, but refines them so they don’t sound like just an excuse to get fucked up. It’s catchy as heck, and I don’t have to be in an arena to appreciate it. 

Scott Mildenhall: Notes one YouTube commenter on “Chameleon Life”: “Chorus is 100% plagiarised from “Heartbreaker” by John Legend & MSTRKRFT”. They’re not wrong. Maybe that’s where the chameleon aspect is supposed to come in. If it is (it’s not) then it would have helped to aim for anything more than run-of-the-mill, fiddle or no fiddle. At the very least, a handy reminder that not all chameleons are capable of colour variation.

Iain Mew: I love that it starts with assured ease and distance but is only ever an “oh oh oh-oh oh” away from flying away in a sweep of colours. Raye makes sure that each snatch of meaning goes a long way, and the snap snap snap beat and Gold-Panda-gone-pop synths bang, together and apart.

Alfred Soto: “We work hard to build up these walls,” Raye sings over house piano, and doesn’t she know it. The urgency of a Kylie Minogue arrangement in the euphoric embrace of the title hook but the EDM arrangement stifles it.

Anthony Easton: Chameleons are not wildly coloured, and often only change their shades very subtlety. It becomes difficult to tell what is shadow, and what is a shift in tone. 

Edward Okulicz: The YouTube description touts this as “a direct blast of electronic pop with its hands raised high to the beaming sun.” Hard to argue with the first part of that, but the second falls a bit short of the mark. The track’s warm and throbbing like the dance tent at a summer festival, and the singer’s mannered and cold. Nothing bad, just not an ideal meshing.

Brad Shoup: Starts flat and finishes thin. In another time, the feature would be doing vocal jazz.

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One Response to “Daithí ft. Raye – Chameleon Life”

  1. I see your defiance against Slayon Pope is rising… SMH.

    Well why you hate on the UK’s only good girl group (MKS) and the most important female band since Klymaxx (CP), the Crayolegends are SLAYING the charts with “Bar Bar (+Bar).”

    Also, for future reference, please write about Crayon Pop in a more fair and objective manner in the future, like I did here:

    In other news, I want to comment on this song but my internet is fucking up atm and Youtube videos are going so slow. It’s taken me ten minutes just to load “Bar Bar (+Bar)” in 480p for my daily viewing.