Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Flo Rida ft. Pitbull – Can’t Believe It

Flopit’s very own “Ass Like That.”


Jonathan Bogart: Jesus, boys, even Sir Mix-A-Lot’s embarrassed for you. At least he could think of things to do with asses other than look at them or — in the video — pretend to play the bongos (?) on them. The score is entirely for the 808 bassline.

Patrick St. Michel: Let’s give credit where credit is due – Flo Rida and Pitbull know a large chunk of people do not like the music they make at all, and they also have figured out a really good way to win people over is to wink at the camera (see: that new Mumford & Sons video, which is doing the exact same thing as the clip for “Can’t Believe It”). So we have this ass-centric jam that feels like an Adult Swim skit transformed into a song. Both of these dudes have definitely been less than serious in the past, but “Can’t Believe It” seems especially cynical, unless you think that Baskin-Robbins line and the Michael Jackson bit are serious. Problem is, even if these guys are being tongue-in-cheek, the music is still terrible. Now it just feels like these two are trying to trick me, which makes it even worse.

Alfred Soto: The Timbo-indebted beat almost puts over the stillborn ice cream analogy and Flo Rida’s insistence on marketing himself as a Baskin-Robbins flavor.

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: Pitbull should make more songs about butts, it’s what he was born to do. Flo Rida exhibits the other flow he uses, a brief surprise. As dumb as you can expect — maybe dumber once you watch the music video — but sticks as close to a throwaway Miami jam as possible. Show thanks it’s not Guetta.

Will Adams: It takes a certain amount of charisma to pull off something this aggressively stupid. Flo Rida is not one one of those performers (this also applies to singing; see: Flo’s entire discography). Pitbull is closer, though when both of them mumble lines like “I love my stereotypes” and “I love to play with monkeys,” I just sigh and put my head in my hands. To be clear, the points are solely for the music, a subdued club groove that dancepop needs right now.

Brad Shoup: The nonsense becomes prosaic at 16rpm. I guess we need a whooty anthem every couple years — y’know, for their self-esteem — but Serena can’t be the only reference point, right? Those WorldStarHipHop videos are everywhere. Anyway, the “yum yum” sounds like “Oh Yeah”: the only idea, besides sludginess, on display.

Anthony Easton: Audacious, misogynist, and perhaps racist (I have no idea how to parse the Michael Jackson line); this is so profoundly stupid that it works as a measure of America’s erotic soul, and therefore might be just a little bit genius. 

Edward Okulicz: That sleazy, prowling bassline is good enough (close your eyes and imagine it’s a Miami take on “Seven Nation Army”) that you can hear why someone thought it might perfectly suit a song about having a bit of a perve on some sexy buttocks. But songs about asses work better if they invite, nay, demand movement from their owners, and Flo Rida is not encouraging this. Maybe it’s because judging by his performance here he sounds as if he’s under sedation.

Scott Mildenhall: It’s over everyone. There have been a few false alarms of late, but it’s finally happened for real. When Lady Gaga declared a state of pop music emergency the other day, she wasn’t talking about her new single. No, she’d actually just witnessed the collision of the two least self aware musicians in the western hemisphere: Featuring Flo Rida and Featuring Pitbull. Just as two featurings do not a lead credit make, nor do two wrongs make a right. It’s interesting from a trend point of view that Flo’s latest pop plunder is from something like Infinity Ink, and it is a good choice, but it’s also the only one made anywhere in the song. A wise prophet once stated that there can be miracles when you believe; if only he’d listened.

Madeleine Lee: This song caused my friend, hypnotized by Flo Rida’s lock on the deep house beat or perhaps by a kaleidoscope of asses, to introduce a brand-new utterance to the English lexicon: “Pitbull is the best part of this.” Make of that what you will.

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4 Responses to “Flo Rida ft. Pitbull – Can’t Believe It”

  1. Flopit! Pull it! Twist it! Can’tBelieveIt!

  2. The sexual tension between them in the video is palpable

  3. Brad comparing this to the Ferris Bueller theme song, jheeeezzzz

    Pitbull 4eva gets a pass for being on the Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Shake’