Friday, June 5th, 2009

Sean Paul – So Fine

Jamaican star reaffirms pro-sexy girl stance…


Martin Kavka: What does “you’ll be my windchime” mean? I’ll hang you from a tree in my backyard? You’ll make pleasant noises when I blow you?

Alex Ostroff: How is this a single? The vocals burble, and the beat weaves and wobbles, but for the first time ever, I’ve remained seated throughout an entire Sean Paul single. No strangely (in)appropriate metaphors. No indecipherable lyrics. And understanding him does the song no favours either. “You’re so fine”? That’s the best he could do?

Matt Cibula: This is a lot more aggressive musical setting than I would have predicted from SP at this point in his career. There are hooks and melodies and harmonies and stuff. The sun is out and summer is around the corner. Scoff if you must, but it wouldn’t kill anyone to hear this while drinking a really good beer.

Chris Boeckmann: So much energy and enthusiasm put into such a banal beat and boring hook. Did Sean Paul befriend Flo Rida or something? I mean, at least I’ll remember the Sean Kingston single.

Anthony Miccio: Less annoying than some of his earlier hits, which means it may not do as well. Plus, we have Flo-Rida now. But it definitely passes the “can I imagine this playing at a public pool” test.

Michaelangelo Matos: Dancehall dilettante that I am, I haven’t paid attention in years, but this sounds very much like what made me pay attention the first time, only with the drums more bounding and hollow-sounding. Which isn’t quite as compelling, even if on paper I’d figure to feel otherwise.

Hillary Brown: This seems well-suited to a particularly athletic striptease, with a lot of swinging around the pole, but that doesn’t mean it overcomes its lack of creativity and variety.

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