Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Sky Ferreira – You’re Not the One

The follow-up at least three of us demanded!


Patrick St. Michel: The verses are muddled and nothing I’ve heard from Sky Ferreira since “Everything Is Embarrassing” has come close to matching that single, but dang that’s a nice chorus. Wouldn’t mind hearing that part over and over again.

Anthony Easton: It’s self-conscious enough that people who care about this sort of thing can pretend that the neuroticism elevates it past ordinary pop music, as if pop music is not already neurotic. Her voice can be interesting, but here it literally drags, over a composition that refuses to resolve itself, out of laziness and fashion more than an aesthetic of negation. I keep listening to Ferreira and hoping for something different, which makes me a shit critic, and listening to the work, I just keep wanting to hear her voice singing interesting things with minimal produciton. Never getting that, I keep returning to a production that is not only unresolved, but messy, noisy, and almost choosing to hide what is being sung. I am not sure that this could be considered the best choice. 

Brad Shoup: Why not make everything sloppy, right? The riff shoots off sparks. The drums are recorded to be as flat and crunchy as a Pringle. Ferreira glides like a malfunctioning elevator. It turns out that fewer things are embarrassing as the initial studies indicated.

Alfred Soto: What’s a Big Country guitar solo doing at the start? Looking for verses, chorus, and voce to match it, that’s what.

Britt Alderfer: Sky Ferreira stalks the realm of soured love, circa 1987, as if she knows it like the back of her hand; and no wonder, it’s a dance floor with filtered lights, hands that gesture yes and then no, slow-motion snarls of vulnerable mouths. I love the way she pulls out “one” in the chorus and has it zig and zag. She risks letting the whole affair get away from her, and in the process hits her target: pop bliss.

Iain Mew: Like hearing an enjoyably fuzz-cloaked indie pop song that has had all of the fuzz removed to reveal that it was actually just really vague.

Katherine St Asaph: Ferreira’s Garbage mode works better when it isn’t so obvious — this has got a pleasant “CD from the ’90s, lost then cratedug” feel — and it’s good to hear her voice attack. But the noise overwhelms the pre-chrous. the chorus underwhelms in general, and “Everything is Embarrassing” renders this all irrelevant anyway.

Will Adams: Sky’s skill is in capturing the knotted emotions that come the moment you realize you can’t get what you want. “Thinking about how much I need you, but you really want somebody else,” sings Sky, the melody collapsing to the floor in embarrassment. The next second, she’s exploding into the chorus, but still nearly swallowed by the bustling drums. It’s as if she’s standing in a room, packed against people happily sipping drinks and gazing into each others’ eyes. But Sky stands silent and still, seeing only that one; that one who isn’t.

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  1. Every flaw is redeemed by that chorus.