Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Banda Los Recoditos – Mi Último Deseo

Is there a word for “16-piece band”? A hexadectet?…


Josh Langhoff: Luis Angel Franco sings like he’s twirling a handlebar mustache, about to sink his teeth into Life’s throat — “Me gustan los parties,” he snarls. It’s a welcome change from the usual romantic swooping and soaring, though last year’s “En Resumen” remains a jam. Caught up in revelry, Franco pauses, as revelers do, to philosophize about some carpe diem/YOLO shit, turning his song into an endless chorus of funeral planning.

Anthony Easton: The horns in this are amazing, so quick and tenacious — I keep thinking about insect metaphors, mosquitoes or bees. If Google Translate can be trusted, it matches the carpe diem lyrics very well. It also avoids the solipsism of many of these kind of tracks, because it’s a family act, and so the pleasure becomes mutual. 

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: Near the end of “Mi Ultimo Deseo”, two elements pull the track up from being passable band: a digitised sweep of nothing but buzzing space slipping from left to right speaker, adding a sense of movie-like scale and drama, and ultra-impassioned vocals. Basically, go hard with the drama when you make band and I’m on board.

Alfred Soto: The vocal and horns are of a piece: hammy and insistent.

Brad Shoup: I love how tightly the brass is packed and the dullness of the tuba: it flattens the soundplane. It sounds like he’s raging from a lithograph of a funeral. Grim, but richly so.

Rebecca A. Gowns: My favorite kind of party song: the existential one. The band even gets a little morbid, going beyond sentiments like Prince’s “Life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last” — the singer describes his funeral in detail! The music matches the words perfectly, rousing and bacchanal, with the vocals sounding more like gritando than crooning, and the brass ambling along just as drunkenly. I hope I’ll hear this blasted on my street when November rolls around.

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