Friday, June 26th, 2009

Lethal Bizzle ft. Donae’o – Go Hard

Yeah, it’s about time people who buy things on hire purchase got told…


Martin Kavka: Most. Annoying. Chorus. Ever.

Michaelangelo Matos: The reason Americans don’t like U.K. MCs: they sound stuck in 1988. The reason I like U.K. MCs: they sound stuck in 1988.

Chuck Eddy: The drum beats would’ve fit in fine on Sugarhill Records in 1980, and maybe did. Also… Limpal Bizkit (or whatever) is the one who doesn’t say “This is Donae’o,” right?

Martin Skidmore: This sounds surprisingly like ’80s hip-house, albeit with a bit more grinding bass and grimey rapping. I rather like it: danceable, funky and fun, and Lethal Bizzle delivers it with a likeable swagger. I’m surprised at how dated it sounds, but I enjoy it.

Hillary Brown: If you turn this song on repeat, you will never know where it ends and where it begins.

Anthony Miccio: If Jay-Z really wanted to take back the night, he’d make like British Daddy Kane here and burn up the mic over an uptempo James Brown sample. Not that moves that old school were ever his thing, but nothing’s truly dated as long as you’ve got speed and authority on your side.

Alex Ostroff: The beat sounds like a repurposed “It Takes Two” – didn’t Dizzee just do this on “Pussy’ole”? Donae’o is, for the first time, just repetitive and grating. Bizzle is competent, but not enough to give this more than a…

Alex Macpherson: Former More Fire Crew member Lethal Bizzle’s always been an opportunist, coming to prominence with brilliantly aggy grime, but subsequently displaying no shame whatsoever in performing with the likes of Pete Doherty and Gallows during the mercifully brief phase during which people pretended “grindie” existed. So it’s no surprise to see him pop up on a UK funky beat – but if he’s proved anything over the years, it’s his adaptability. Over a beat which introduces funky to drum’n’bass and finds promising chemistry in the pairing, Bizzle’s delivery is clipped, focused and not to be messed with; he even gets away with namedropping Doherty and Kate Moss and referencing Maino’s “Hi Hater”, of all things. Meanwhile, Donae’o essentially reprising his own “Party Hard” in yet another guise on the hook is the cherry on top.

Anthony Easton: This is not as brutal as a song with the lyrics “Me, I’ve got to go hard, hard, for my money” should be.

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