Friday, January 17th, 2014

DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

In this photo, our hero figures out what to do with the “ft”


Brad Shoup: I love Lil Jon, but he sounds like he’s the hype man for a Scribble Jam held in an office park.

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: Lil Jon as Sound Effect is still totally fine with me, although his brash catchphrase hollers will keep him from getting the dues he deserves for making crunk mainstream, for making fight music international, and giving trap artists like DJ Snake a template to work from. Never underestimate the dude in the dreads and pimp cup.

Crystal Leww: RIP “turn up”/”turnt”/”turn down for what” 2013. The moment that I had to explain you to someone I knew we needed to retire you. You were good while you lasted.

Patrick St. Michel: Besides the immediate pop-culture points such a “ft.” earns, Lil Jon’s voice fits in wonderfully amongst the macho bro-vado that is trap music. Turning to him is practically a cheat code for anyone making music tilting toward the aggressive side of the spectrum – Lil Jon is basically operating in the same mode he was on LMFAO’s “Shots” (down to the shots). He’s also far and away the most novel aspect of this song. The rest is trap-by-numbers gloop, the sort of headstrong stuff that probably sounds good for 30 seconds tops but grows annoying soon after.

Alfred Soto: The oogie-boogie merry-go-round effects complement the gargoyle cries Lil Jon wrests from his throat. 

Anthony Easton: I don’t know what is happening with the stretching, scraping, scratching, grunting, monstrous bear in his hovel kind of sounds near the end, but it is much better than the vocals in the beginning. 

Scott Mildenhall: They’re using part of this in a mildly irritating trail for the “specialist shows” on Radio 1 at the moment. “Allergic to boybands?” (It goes on.) Stop being so boring Radio 1! Pitting music – music you play! – against itself isn’t your job, and nor is attempting to decide whether things are “credible” or not. Neither are helping anyone, and if you were really at the vanguard you think you’re at, you’d be well beyond them. All that said, Lil Jon shouting over some noise: enjoyable.

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