Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

Utter filth…


Iain Mew: A bit like CSS if they really went for it on the dance side, with smart lyrics that namecheck almost every current French musician that I know and like. Totally exudes cool throughout and… no, it’s no use. Having been introduced to “Baby Baby Baby” via its video, I’m never going to be able to consider the song on its own merits. Consider the mark to cover naked street relays too.

Martin Kavka: It wouldn’t be worth commenting on, except that it has a must-see video: a series of three naked women, with strategically placed black bars (featuring the lyrics), walking down a French street runway-style while carrying a small boombox. The first woman is frighteningly thin.

Michaelangelo Matos: Our editor called this “utter filth.” It sounds like it could be, or that it could just be an American Apparel beret.

Peter Parrish: Pulses like the reddening cheeks of a shy virgin trying to explain that he really has experienced more in life than his hand. I’m with you, quiet deceiver – there’s more raunch here than I could possibly deal with in reality. Doesn’t mean you can’t shuffle away to it in private and pretend to be the Stud King of Carnalville though. Incroyable.

Anthony Easton: The girl is cute. The girl sounds cute. Breathy erotic French dance music must start with a slightly too skinny girl being cute. The rest is just nonsense, and I feel horribly misogynist pointing out the obviousness of the creators’ intentions, but for something so obvious in its summery, sexualised energy, there is no real need to use language more formal then the text itself.

Alex Ostroff: Materialistic, sexy and stupid. A++ NuDisco beats and disembodied voices screaming out “Baby!” set the scene for four minutes of brilliant idiocy. French sexpots demand Sebastian Tellier, Justice, and jeans that fit, and simultaneously make out with your grandma, fuck you on the toilet and cheat on you in your dad’s Citroën. If their list of demands seems overly lengthy, remember that another Franco-novelty once told us “C’est dur d’être un bébé”…

Chuck Eddy: This has the makings of a really good, goofy, buoyant Franco-pop hit; main problem is that all the non-“baby baby baby” girl vocals are way too subdued in the mix. Also, I think for the video they should have got at least one naked pregnant woman, and flashed “baby” on her stomach — either that or a cameo by Jordy, who is now 21.

Ian Mathers: Ruthlessly brainless feedback loop – this would probably work just fine dropped into the middle of a set at an indie disco night, but even in that context it feels more like connective tissue and less like a highlight.

Martin Skidmore: Its beat is insistent and punchy and keeps getting more thudding, which is all good, but the only lyric I fully understand is the much-repeated title. They sound as if they are enjoying themselves, though, and I like the music.

Anthony Miccio: Since I don’t pay a lot of attention to dance music, I have no idea just how common this distorted, headbanging, MSTRKRFTish stuff is (comparing it to MSTRKRFT may reveal just how out the loop I am). But as far as mindless electronica goes, I’m definitely not sick of this sound yet.

2 Responses to “Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby”

  1. Oh man. /Yes/. Filthy in the way French electro dance pop is best at.

    [9]. But some nights, [12]

  2. My French is better than my Spanish, So I can half comprehend the lyrics to much of this. The main refrain is that the girls want (“Je veux”) various items, from chocolate ice cream to dancing with girls named Vanessa.

    Also, naked canteen relay. Um. Yes.