Friday, July 10th, 2009

Booty Luv – Say It

Affordable as ever…


Hillary Brown: Fine then: “While your song is fairly catchy and not actively aggravating, it is, in the end, kind of vanilla.”

Martin Skidmore: Yes, it’s kind of basic, even crude, but it’s fun all the way, and danceable, and kind of punchy and entirely likeable. No one would claim the girls are great singers, but I find them endearing.

Jessica Popper: After the decline of Big Brovaz and their disastrous Eurovision attempt, it was great to see the girls go on to both poptastic aceness and success with Booty Luv. I think “Some Kinda Rush” is still their best song, but “Say It” is a close contender. This deserves to be one of the big dance hits of summer 2009.

Alex Ostroff: They’re no Cascada, but Booty Luv make serviceable second-tier Eurotrash. Still, after Shakira’s man-eating assertiveness, and RichGirl’s shameless pursuit of strange, it’s depressing to be reminded that much dance pop presents women as anonymous and submissive. “Be a man”? “Bring me down on my knees”? *sigh* To paraphrase Chris Rock, I love dance pop, but it’s hard to defend this shit. That said, “If the beat is right, we will dance all night.” Noxious? Perhaps, but grudgingly, it’s at least a…

Chuck Eddy: Why so serious? You sound ridiculous. Oh wait, you sort of already said that yourselves! Really don’t get how this run-of-the-mill r&b hackwork is “pop-house,” though, unless “house” now just means some barely detectable residue of a beat. (To me, “pop-house” still equals Ten City and Robin S. Though I’m aware that probably makes me no different than sticks-in-the-mud who don’t believe Kenny Chesney should count as country.)

Edward Okulicz: I love how this is essentially a cheesy R&B track that steals cheesy house’s most base, obvious tricks – sirens! – and delivers it with the most cloying grin of pop. And it’s a dangerously catchy tune on top of that…

Jonathan Bradley:I think Hilary Duff rejected this chorus back in 2006. The three points are, if you’re keeping score at home, for the three siren noises that pop up halfway through.

Anthony Miccio: It shouldn’t be surprising that an act named “Booty Luv” connects more in the beat’n’hook department than through personality. According to Wikipedia, all their UK dance #1s are covers of other artists’ dance remixes, reaffirming that the anonymous festivity here – certainly fun enough to keep the brand alive – is probably intentional.

Michaelangelo Matos: Robo-pop from England–not unpleasant, not memorable, not worth turning off, not worth searching out.

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  1. Had the same 5/10 “bleh, who cares” reaction to this original as most of you, but the Crazy Cousinz remix is seriously awesome.