Friday, February 28th, 2014

Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island – Everything is Awesome!!!

Look At This String!!


Katherine St Asaph: God, it’s like being trapped in a recession-era propaganda poster drawn by Randall Munroe. I originally wrote “it’s like Devo trying to be subversive” until I Googled it and found that it was, in fact, a guy from Devo trying to be subversive. Awesome.

Patrick St. Michel: The Lego Movie does not come out in Japan until next month, but based on the trailer I gather that “Everything is Awesome!!!” is supposed to be a Huxley-esque pop number that’s numbing our minds while all sorts of diabolical stuff goes on in the shadows. Which could work…but I can’t shake the feeling this song can’t even do cynicism right. I mean…this would be great if all the awesome stuff were needless materials, making this some sort of capitalist critique. But frogs and dancing and teamwork are actually pretty cool things that just seem randomly thrown in (oh, right, Lonely Island). This doesn’t seem like parody, just way dumber than what it sets out to mock. Tegan And Sara should stick to licensing songs to commercials.

Anthony Easton: I can’t quite figure out the message of the film, and the last twenty minutes were sentimental as hell.  This song, which might be either deeply ironic/parodic of commercial pop, or an example of the excellence of sharing and team working, or those other Sesame Street values, is also meta-contextually interesting in terms of both bands careers. I find the idea of the Lonely Island going straight or trying to make “real” pop music out of their comedy roots an interesting problem, at least formally. They haven’t quite figured out what post-comedy looks like–just as the Lego movie did not have full commitment to its mixed messages. In the same neighborhood, I wonder about the career of Tegan and Sara. In a world where selling out does not have any real currency, they have made the strongest move towards a pure commercialism from a noncommercial space. That they are taking the piss out of this move, while having that song chart, has a delicious irony. There is so little of their voice here, while the Lonely Island do not change their position at all. Which might be part of the point, but also mirrors some of the gender problems of Wildstyle in the movie. I am not sure that this brilliant earworm is a good song, but I can’t imagine a film that better captures the zeitgeist. 

Alfred Soto: It wasn’t funny in rehearsal either.

Brad Shoup: The movie couldn’t figure out whether this song was poignant or satirical or just a plot point, and now I get why. The chorus worked as a fragment flanked by suggestions: what could possibly lead into — or issue from — that cheery title, steamed off of the back of a Bomb the Music Industry! record? The answer, according to the credits, was the Lonely fucking Island, who are never funnier than their delivery. But they’re a good reminder that this is a song for kids, and a few of ’em are going to blow their little minds on that gassy choral bit woven into one of the choruses.

Will Adams: I imagine this is what Heartthrob sounded like to everyone who got mad that Tegan and Sara were making synthpop: cloying, garish, and only interested in a catchphrase and a check.

Scott Mildenhall: Parallel universe Lorde. It’ll be annoying in approximately five minutes time, but the sheer breadth of sounds here – chiptune, banjo, gloomwobble, rap, choir, organ – make indoctrination the most fun it’s been since yvan eht nioj.

Jer Fairall: Using an animated soundtrack entry as an excuse to sound literally cartoonish represents no great challenge to the already puerile Lonely Island, but Tegan and Sara would do better to consult Wendy & Lisa’s twenty-two year old example of how to soundtrack something called Toys without sounding like one.

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6 Responses to “Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island – Everything is Awesome!!!”

  1. So sad I missed this in the blurber ;_; I’ve been substitute-teaching elementary school kids all they are ALL obsessed with this song. It’s an annoying perpetual-chorus machine designed to drive adults crazy, like The Song That Never Ends, except we’re supposed to think we enjoy it.

    And now it’s stuck in my head again ;_;

  2. Though I also want to point out that to 6-year-olds everything is awesome.

  3. It’s a song for kids. Way to overthink it, you insufferable, joyless snobs.

  4. I assure you that last comment is not be being schizophrenic.

  5. *me being

  6. I found a Bomb the Music Industry! reference on TSJ what do I win