Monday, March 3rd, 2014

YG – Left, Right

We don’t mean to brag, but what other website offers astrology and mixing advice all in the one place?


Mallory O’Donnell: Pisces? Then you can fuck off twice.

Megan Harrington: Pisces and Taurus are a surprisingly stable combination; neither sign is big on jealousy and the Pisces man is a charismatic counterpart to the reliable and driven Taurus woman. More importantly, DJ Mustard furnishes something halfway exciting for YG to wax romantic over. Its best application is goosing excitement as a starting line-up is announced, but YG has fun scaling it down for his top 5. 

Crystal Leww: “Left, Right” may be forgotten as the lost YG single, sandwiched between two rounds of “My Nigga,” which is on Round 2 of ubiquity thanks to a few famous friends. “Left, Right” is notable for featuring his favorite producer and DJ on the hook, with DJ Mustard growling about butts. Yet another anthem about twerkin’ and we’re definitely not still done yet if DJ Mustard continues. Unfortunately, this feels like it’s trying just a tad too much, with the strings and the dramatic synth pings coming across as that desperate, drooling dude in the corner. As far as club tracks go, this is filler between two crowd-pleasing songs.

Katherine St Asaph: Over-amped orchestra stabs clash with sample-kitschy panpipe and violin, clashing with DJ Mustard’s usual framework, swallowing YG. Proof that lazy minimalism has its virtues.

Jonathan Bradley: Mustard’s got a brand new set of strings so why should he pick between stabs and rococo? YG’s not choosy; he’s fine whether an ass goes left or right. (He was also happy to toot it and boot it.) It’s nice that everyone is so easygoing, but its nicer that YG sounds like he wishes the track had gone to latter day Jeezy, which, yeah, maybe it should have. That little string ditty tho.

Iain Mew: The satisfying way the title words are swung and flicked over the impacts of the beat is the best bit. It never feels like it gets used in enough of the song, even as YG’s confidence enlivens some of the duller material of the verses.

Brad Shoup: A couple years ago, Rich Homie Quan released the remarkable “You Can’t Judge Her,” a portrait of childlike admiration for a stripper taking care of her business. Quan asks for her number, she declines, he goes back to Magic City just to marvel at her. She “don’t need a nigga for nothing,” he enthuses, “but some hard dick and a shoulder to lean on.” YG, though, is across the canyon: “She dancin’ for them dollars cause she don’t know no better.” “Left, Right” is about his power, the indispensability he’s swinging around. He refuses a metaphorical mic check, but the regular kind might have kept him from a garbage opening couple lines and an awkward math joke channeled through B.o.B. As for Mustard, he’s still not resting on ubiquity: we have the dudes chanting “hey,” but also a fantasyscape of (crazy poignant) violin and flute, giving this a medieval air that his star is unfortunately too happy to inhale.

Will Adams: Banging beat (love that violin), a fine (albeit buried in the mix) performance from YG, but how on earth can one title a song “Left, Right” and not deploy some simple text painting via stereo panning? For shame, DJ Mustard.

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2 Responses to “YG – Left, Right”

  1. Toot it and boot it was the Brandenburg Concertos compared to this lot.

  2. In what universe is the Brandenburg whatever thing anywhere near the level of “Toot It and Boot It”?