Bonus Tracks for Week Ending June 22, 2019

Now that we’ve all calmed down, here’s some new pieces to enjoy by our authors: For the Portuguese digital magazine Ritmas e Batidas, Pedro João Santos discussed Dedicated in the larger context of Carly Rae Jepsen’s career, and interviewed Chicago-based DJ Ariel Zetina. For The Line of Best Fit, Claire Biddles interviewed long-running British dance-pop group […]

Unperfect – Looking For A Hug

Unperfect, but certainly Unbad…

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

The Jukebox has thoughts on Billie Eilish? Well, duh.

Lee Hi ft. B.I – No One

Returning to K-pop after three years (and to the Jukebox after six)…

Rob Thomas – One Less Day (Dying Young)

Today on the Jukebox, Rob Thomas welcomes you to ’90s Monday…

Beyoncé – Before I Let Go

Good job, Beychella!

Madonna + Maluma – Medellín

More like Madame V, right?

Carly Rae Jepsen – No Drug Like Me

Waiting for the Carly to kick in…

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending March 2, 2019

Want to read more of our writing? Of course you do! For Pitchfork, Joshua Minsoo Kim discusses experimental Korean rap duo XXX’s new album, Second Language. For Hot New Hip Hop, Jibril Yassin takes a look back at the influence of The Roots’ Things Fall Apart. Ryo Miyauchi has new columns out on Medium covering […]

Unperfect – Gots to Give the Girl

Presumably they’ll have a webpage at some point that isn’t that of this Italian band