Dustin Lynch – Ridin’ Roads

Do you think Dustin Lynch wears a hat during sexy time? Asking for a friend.

2 Chainz ft. Ariana Grande – Rule the World

Chainz/Grande 2020: We’re Not Dismissing It Outright

BAND-MAID – Bubble

Next, a Japanese band with somewhat (somehow?) less controversy…

Ella Mai – Shot Clock

Special prize goes to the first person to read all these blurbs in under 24 seconds…

Headie One ft. Dave – 18HUNNA

Drill goes to London…

Britney Spears: A Mid-Career Retrospective

  Twenty years ago, in January 1999, Britney Spears crashed into the public consciousness with the album …Baby One More Time. To call the album and its titular single a “smash” is an understatement. “Baby One More Time” captured the world’s attention and sold 10.6 million copies as a single in a time before easy […]

Ozuna – Baila Baila Baila

We liked the part about dancing…

Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba

Meeting our CAPITAL LETTERS quota for the month…

Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak Black – Wake Up in the Sky

Please lower your tray tables and return your seats to the upright position; blurbs will now be served in the main cabin…

Idles – Great

Are hamsters halal? Let us know in the comments.