Taylor Swift – Lover

We’re mostly likers!

The 1975 – People

The 1975 you know is gone! THEY’RE HARDCORE NOW!!!

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending August 10, 2019

Our writers have lots of interesting new creations for you to check out! For Pitchfork, Joshua Minsoo Kim reviewed the Merzbow/Vanity Productions collaboration addressing climate change and environmental damage, Coastal Erosion. Thomas Inskeep’s American-top-40s-gone-by roundups have moved to Rock & Roll Globe; most recently he looked at the top 40 for the week of August […]

Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me

Last night I said these words to my girl, I make money moves…

Madonna: A Retrospective

  To adopt that old cliché; Madonna needs no introduction. As chameleonic as Bowie, her 36 year career has seen her deftly switch from scrappy punk hopeful to earnest balladeer; from relentless dominatrix to chaste earth mother and back. She’s responsible for some of the most memorable pop moments of the last 40 years: from […]

Robyn – Missing U

If you liked anything on Body Talk, you’ll most likely like this!

Pharrell Williams x Camila Cabello – Sangria Wine

The fruit floats at the top; new Pharrell singles, not so much…

Taylor Swift – Delicate

Clawing her way back up the sidebar…

Bhad Bhabie ft. Lil Yachty – Gucci Flip Flops

Well, this won’t be controversial now, will it?

Jennifer Lopez ft. DJ Khaled & Cardi B – Dinero

The Year of Cardi continues…