Steve Albini (1962-2024)

The late Steve Albini was many things: musician, engineer, longtime punk, unrepentant gadfly, eventually repentant edgelord, one-time recipe blogger, pretty good poker player, excoriating essayist, late-career Twitter personality, and general opinion-haver–but not, he insisted, a producer. (He’d probably have some specific words to aim at all the obits calling him one.) Producers, he argued, were […]

Screaming Females – Brass Bell

With John, we say goodbye to Screaming Females…

††† – Invisible Hand

Claire recommends a Deftones/Far superduo with an ungoogleable name. (Literally! “Your search – “†††” – did not match any documents.”)

TWST – Off-World

Our own Hannah begins the D&B t.A.T.u revival…

Hannah Diamond – Affirmations

Frank Falisi brings us PC Music’s shutdown…

Addison Rae – I Got It Bad

Next up, Oliver brings us a star who rose to fame from the unlikely medium of (checks notes)… TikTok!

Reneé Rapp – Pretty Girls

WE’RE SO BACK THAT WE’RE EVEN DOING AMNESTY. We begin with a recommendation from Jackie…

Tyla – Water

We conclude our 2023 pop highlights reel with a true highlight for us. Stay tuned next week for our individual writers’ picks!

Tinashe – Needs

I mean, have you seen the price of cold cuts lately?

Jessie Ware – Begin Again

This! Is a Review! Of a Jukebox! Favourite!