Busta Rhymes ft. Mariah Carey – Where I Belong

What if it was only The Flipmode Squad who knew what we wanted?

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending April 18, 2021

Hannah Jocelyn reviewed Californian Soil by London Grammar and Collections from the Whiteout by Ben Howard for Pitchfork. Also for Pitchfork, Joshua Minsoo Kim reviewed Doom Mix, Vol. V, the latest compilation from LA’s Doom Trip label. Nortey Dowuona reviewed AJ Tracey’s Flu Game and dropped three new tracks on Soundcloud. Frank Falisi wrote about Paul McCartney’s McCartney (1970), isolation love songs, and getting better (all the time) […]

Syd – Missing Out

And now, a blast of pre-Friday FOMO.

Bonus Tracks for Week Ending March 21, 2021

Frank Falisi wrote about personality quizzes, Bugs and Daffy, inhabiting bodies, and SOPHIE for Bright Wall/Dark Room. Pedro João Santos, for The Guardian, wrote about how Katy Perry brought him friends—and undue power—as a 10-year-old forum moderator. Hannah Jocelyn, for her Substack The Only Times I’ve Ever Known, interviewed pop singer and classical composer Johan Lenox about string […]

Irina Kairatovna ft. De Lacure & Hiro – Wu Kang

Checking in on Kazakhstan, and having a reaction that’s much kinder than this screencap would suggest…

Hayley Williams – My Limb

Is “My Limb” class, or was that just hearsay?

Kali Uchis – Telepatía

Chalk this up on the “good” side of the ledger for Things TikTok Has Made Popular.

Rag’n’Bone Man – All You Ever Wanted

Narrator: It was, indeed, one of those songs where everybody thinks it sounds like something else…

Cardi B – Up

The score, the title: it’s Cardi’s Lemonade

Bill Wurtz – Here Comes the Sun

Doo-do doo-do…