Lady Gaga – 911

It’s popping an emergency…

Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande – Rain on Me

A collaboration of two raining pop stars…

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

Far from “Shallow” now… [Video][Website] [6.42]Brad Shoup: Thudding sixteenths and vocal chop straight out of a Todd Edwards remix… it’s always great when she visits. [8] Wayne Weizhen Zhang: It must be exhausting to be Lady Gaga. Here’s a short list of her accomplishments since 2013’s ARTPOP: winning a Grammy for a jazz duets album, […]

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow

Just to save ourselves from any “why did you do that do that do that do that” comments, mild spoilers for A Star Is Born below…

Lady Gaga – The Cure

Remember Lady Gag? She’s back! In pop form..

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

No wonder Hoobastank had to try so hard to find one; look who had all the rest of them!

Lady Gaga – A-Yo

But, everyone’s a little bit country these days.

Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion


Lady Gaga – Til It Happens to You

And now, something we really should have covered months ago…

Lady Gaga – G.U.Y.

Rumors the Jukebox is spending $25 million to promote this entry are absolute unfounded…