Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina – What Ifs

From middle school to Idol…

Taylor Swift – The Man

«What man?» “The man,” Marco explained, explaining nothing.

Dua Lipa – Physical

It’s okay! Move that boogie body!

Pabllo Vittar ft. Charli XCX – Flash Pose

Does a flash mob seem too extreme for you? Try a flash pose and get all the social media content you need without learning choreography!

Miranda Lambert – It All Comes Out in the Wash

Laundry day at the Jukebox…

Britney Spears: A Mid-Career Retrospective

  Twenty years ago, in January 1999, Britney Spears crashed into the public consciousness with the album …Baby One More Time. To call the album and its titular single a “smash” is an understatement. “Baby One More Time” captured the world’s attention and sold 10.6 million copies as a single in a time before easy […]

Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj – Woman Like Me

“Women Like Us” is a less catchy title, though.

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

Get out your popcorn, it’s time for another controversial One Nine Seven Five single…

Madonna: A Retrospective

  To adopt that old cliché; Madonna needs no introduction. As chameleonic as Bowie, her 36 year career has seen her deftly switch from scrappy punk hopeful to earnest balladeer; from relentless dominatrix to chaste earth mother and back. She’s responsible for some of the most memorable pop moments of the last 40 years: from […]

Demi Lovato – Sober

This is something we’ve had scheduled for a few weeks, though recent news has fixed it even more sharply in our minds…