Drake ft. Michael Jackson – Don’t Matter To Me

Turns out Fucking Drake + deceased pop legend still = Fucking Drake.

Momoland – Baam

Taking bets on their next single: Bomb! or Bum!?

Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho

Yeah, what 2018 really needed was #bitchesbecrazy in song form. Thanks.

Ray Blk – Run Run

How does the Sound of 2017 sound in 2018?

Sunmi – Siren

Pound the alarm…

Lana Del Rey – Venice Bitch

Venice returns the favor…

Noname ft. Smino & Saba – Ace

A Chicago rapper who needs nointroduction…

Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry

Finally, a boy band bold enough to take a strong stance against ransomware…

Tamar Braxton – My Man

It’s okay Tamar, you can borrow mine.

Sechskies – Be Well

That feeling when every boyband member is older than you but looks ten years younger than you :(