Steve Albini (1962-2024)

The late Steve Albini was many things: musician, engineer, longtime punk, unrepentant gadfly, eventually repentant edgelord, one-time recipe blogger, pretty good poker player, excoriating essayist, late-career Twitter personality, and general opinion-haver–but not, he insisted, a producer. (He’d probably have some specific words to aim at all the obits calling him one.) Producers, he argued, were […]

Imagine Dragons – Eyes Closed

Eventually we’ll meet the next generation of pop artist, who can do it with their eyes closed and a broken heart…

Olivia Rodrigo – Obsessed

She’s the press conference, we’re the conversation…

Dasha – Austin

You mean the Red Scare girl DIDN’T pivot to country?

Sabrina Carpenter – Espresso

It’s I! hi! Me espresso it’s I!

Artemas – i like the way you kiss me

Last name Diamandis, but no relation to Marina…

Chappell Roan – Good Luck, Babe!

Good Song, Babe! [Video][7.76] Alfred Soto: Hey, y’all, Spotify played “Good Luck, Babe!” after ILLIT’s “Magnetic” — are the streaming gods Jukebox-friendly? Maybe a synth line patterned after Wham!’s “Last Christmas” and a vocal that commands attention despite singing a line like “sexually explicit kinda love affair.” Then again, that’s how people talk.[8] Jeffrey Brister: […]

Hozier – Too Sweet

I believe when that happens you can add something acidic to the dish to balance it out (lemon juice, vinegar, blurbs, etc.)…

Camila Cabello ft. Playboi Carti – I LUV IT

Per our controversy score, it’s more iluvit ihateit iluvit ihateit iluvit ihateit iluvit…

Jelly Roll – Halfway to Hell

Our highest-scoring single to date from any artist threatened by Waffle House