Hockey – Song Away

Think you’ll actually find he sounds like Mark Knopfler…

Bad Bunny x Rosalía – La Noche de Anoche

Tonight is the night is the night is the night…

Jul ft. SCH – Mother Fuck

Now off to France to cover some rap…

H.E.R. – Damage

A high score this early in the year? It really IS a good day!

Megan Thee Stallion – Body

Have you accidentally ruined a work meeting with this song? The TSJ team would like to hear from you… [Video][Website] [6.67] Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Until you’ve experienced the unfettered, chaotic joy of a co-worker accidentally blasting this song during the middle of a virtual work meeting, you won’t fully be able to enjoy this song […]

Rina Sawayama – Bad Friend

Next, Caitlin settles the burning question of the past few weeks: which Rina Sawayama single do we do?

HAIM – The Steps

Readers’ Week begins with Ayub’s suggestion that we return to some old faves…

Sylvan Esso – Rooftop Dancing

But what about the air guitar on the roof?

Lous and the Yakuza – Amigo

Another amigo of the sidebar…

Calliope Mori – Excuse My Rudeness But Could You Please RIP?

Taking a dive into the world of VTubers…