Pet Shop Boys – Monkey Business

We definitely think they’re monkeying around…

Pet Shop Boys ft. Years & Years – Dreamland

Featuring the passage of time itself…

Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids

TSJ favorites return with a fond look backwards.

Pet Shop Boys – Love is a Bourgeois Construct

No, your mum’s a bourgeois construct. [Video][Website] [7.55]Josh Langhoff: Compare to Apollo 100’s “Joy,” which sped up a Bach chorale movement until it sounded absurd, a bravura electronic performance that parodied Baroque virtuosity and locomotion. Likewise, Michael Nyman’s 1982 soundtrack theme “Chasing Sheep Is Best Left to Shepherds” galloped along, soprano sax squawks flirting with collapse, a […]

Pet Shop Boys – Axis

Business mythological… [Video][Website] [6.82] Jer Fairall: “I Feel Love” without Donna’s ice-melting touch, or maybe some early 90s club hit minus the big “3 A.M. Eternal”/”Rhythm is a Dancer”/”No Limit”-style chorus, this broody, thumping track sounds like it could have come from just about any era during the PSB’s existence except for maybe our sorry […]

Pet Shop Boys – Leaving

We wonder what the third single from Elysium is doing out already… [Video][Website] [5.50] Brad Shoup: When the alveolar trill provides your only thrill.[3] Anthony Easton: I always liked the Pet Shop Boys as aphorists, with a slightly hermetic bent to their supreme camp. Though this attempts to the old style, earnestness has replaced the flatness of the […]

Pet Shop Boys – Invisible

Left to their own devices they probably would! [Video][Website] [4.75] Edward Okulicz: Maybe I’m just jaded, but it seems around 15 years ago, every PSB album started to have one floaty nothing of a song that just mumbled “filler.” Now they’re releasing those songs as singles, I don’t know what to say.[3] Alfred Soto: At their […]

Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming?

“Love, etc.” is still in our top 10, then…

Pet Shop Boys – Love, Etc.

Fresh from their Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brits, and not featuring Lady Gaga…

Kim Petras – I Don’t Want It at All

Readers’ Week begins with a recommendation from Harshal…