Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

If anyone ever wants to write Singles Jukebox fanfiction, why not imagine us in the early ’60s encountering “Downtown” for the first time? [Video][Website] [7.36] Rebecca A. Gowns: Look, the funny thing about me writing for this website is that I listen to old music all day. So this one is sort of a pleasant […]

Petra Marklund – Händerna Mot Himlen

We probably should’ve covered this last month for the pun… [Video][Website] [6.00] Brad Shoup: Ah, fall: conversations go longer, meditation is richer, and regal synthstring parts merit extra points for pop songs.[7] Katherine St Asaph: This is September’s play for realness, apparently: real name, real featherweight bed of presumably real orchestrations. If only it weren’t […]

Girls Aloud – Untouchable

Remember how we felt about that Pet Shop Boys single? Well…

Rae Morris ft. Soph Aspin – Fish n Chips

We’ve Fylde our reviews and hope they’re illuminating…

Raí Saia Rodada – Tap?o No Raba

Big in Brazil… y’all.

For Those I Love – I Have a Love

It never fades…

surf mesa ft. emilee – ily (i love you baby)

we don’t think it’s quite alright

Gone West – What Could’ve Been

Could’ve been… more bubbly, perhaps?

Hot Chip – Melody of Love

Spoilers: video does not end with Alexis shooting laser beams from his eyes…

Nakhane ft. Anohni – New Brighton

…and New Hove?