Cabbage – Uber Capitalist Death Trade

Ergh, what is that smell? Did you boil it too long?

Heize ft. Dean & DJ Friz – And July

And the ~smoooooth~ continues…

Sabina Ddumba – Time

UK house via Swedish R&B…

Ian Ramil – Derivacivilização

Next, a Brazilian indie film darling and art-rocker in his spare time…

Café Tacvba – Un Par De Lugares

It’s pronounced CHA-VER-CHES.

Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas ft. Miguel – Estrella Fugaz

Can Miguel persuade us to love these Argentinians?

Kim Gordon – Murdered Out

We’re calling it Veterans’ Monday, but this is kinda a debut…

Rebecca Black – The Great Divide

But wait, why aren’t they covering this song on Fr[JOKE REDACTED; EDITOR TERMINATED]

Gulddreng – Model

And B.L.E.H. Monday ends in Denmark…

Cassius ft. Ryan Tedder & Jaw – The Missing

Yeah, where HAVE you been, Cassius?