Yemi Alade – Bum Bum

Moderately bootylicious!

Alice Glass – Cease and Desist

You gotta fight for your right to make noise.

Dean – Instagram

We’re working on an answer song about LinkedIn as we speak.

Justin Timberlake – Filthy

I don’t think we like him very much.

Jade Bird – Cathedral

To be fair, as has been pointed out, we covered most of the better Sound Of artists already…

AsSun – Sendei

Today in “songs from countries most Westerners don’t think about from a musical perspective…”

Thundercat ft. Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald – Show You the Way

We got somethin’ to say about yacht rock, yes we do…

Clipping. – The Deep

Recommended to us by Kamal, it’s our second run in with Daveed Diggs and co.

Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort

I mean you’re not wrong there, Win…

The Breeders – Wait in the Car

Okay but could you roll the windows down a touch, please?