Vampire Weekend – This Life

The best show of the 90s, if you ask the membership of Change UK, but what about the song?

Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall

So I was going to re-use one of our taglines from previous entries as a hat-tip to self-referencing, but none of them made sense in context. So you’ll have to make do with editorial whingeing instead.

Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

And not a one of these guys is named Jason, but let’s pretend… [Video][Website] [5.33] Katherine St Asaph: “You know how some couples have get-out-of-jail-free cards where you’re OK to hypothetically hook up with whichever celebrity? Society should have that concept except for punching people in the face. And one of mine would be Ezra […]

Vampire Weekend – Step

This is in fact our lowest Vampire Weekend score ever. [Video][Website] [5.58] Alfred Soto: Ezra Koenig is the only modern singer who can sing against this arrangement without collapsing into preciousness. And what an arrangement: the harpsichord, of course; the piano run beneath Koenig; a rhythm unafraid to leave spaces. The lyrics, alluding to Croesus […]

Vampire Weekend – Giving Up the Gun

You wanted to see it…

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

Just so we’re clear, that’s Vampire Weekend as our highest-scoring single so far this year. How’s your humble pie tasting, haters? Mmm? MMMMM?…

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

Get those creases ironed…

Eden xo – The Weekend

Imagine the reverse: The Weeknd – “Eden xo.”

Rostam – Gravity Don’t Pull Me

We say goodbye to the weekend with a guy who said goodbye to Vampire Weekend.

Rusko – Woo Boost

Congrats to Vampire Weekend – there’s at least one person in the world who looks like more of a fanny than you…