Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Galantis – Runaway (U&I)



Crystal Leww: My favorite thing about EDM is how unapologetically huge and obvious it can be, how catered it is to live settings of big rooms. On “Runaway,” the vocals turn into a chorus of voices right at the moment where the crowd is obviously supposed to chime in. It’s obviously trying to get people to react a certain way, and I’m certain that it would work. My least favorite thing about EDM is its persistent uncredited vocalist issue. Here, it seems like vocal duties were split between Julia Karlsson, who did the chorus, and someone else for the verse. It’s bullshit; these vocals are essential for accomplishing that build and drop, and it’s a shame that these ladies aren’t getting recognition for their work.

Alfred Soto: Daft Punk and Icona Pop given a high fructose corn syrup enema.

Katherine St Asaph: I was quite enjoying the EchosmithDM, then came the Icona Pophouse. Hyper-maximalist dance escapism is great until it reaches the migraine threshold.

Iain Mew: It was only performing “Don’t You Worry Child” on Singstar recently that I noticed how terrible the lyrics in its verses were. “Runaway (U&I)” may rival it for similar levels of EDM lyrical inspirexcess and doesn’t even hide it beneath even worse bellowing delivery. I like it though, because of the uncertainty in how they’re sung, brought out nicely by the space Galantis give them, and because the chorus and its desire for escape into perfection gets given a shiny enough lift-off to match without feeling too forced.

Anthony Easton: The rate of inflation in inspiraitonal pop songs has gone up, now no one is happy unless the first line contains some Warren Buffett capital. Wonder if the money comes in, the song will be more interesting. 

Ian Mathers: The mid-bosh “you and I-I-I-I-I” is the kind of thing that can be intensely irritating or transcendently, perfectly inescapable; in this case, potentially both within the span of a singly play. My brain wishes it was a little less chipmunked, but at the same time I keep humming it to myself. The rest is pretty standard (would it kill people to add some specificity or other interest to their goddamned lyrics?), but that earworm is worth an extra point.

Mo Kim: I first misread the artist name as “Galaxies,” and no wonder: this song is cosmic, made to soundtrack quiet chair-dancing in libraries just as well as feverish moshing in the club. Even EDM tropes that have worn thin (like the stuttered chipmunk voice on that “you and I-i-i-i-i” hook) are integrated so smoothly into the song’s liftoff that they don’t bring it down.

Maxwell Cavaseno: As a recovering addict of “chipmunk soul”-style rap beats (you have to leave NY to realize how bad your life has become with their nagging presence), I can’t help but be worried that people are willingly going to endure all these corny pitch-tunes as if it’s good for them.

Brad Shoup: The childpitching doesn’t go anywhere desperate — it’s practically PC Music, but the track itself doesn’t fizz. It’s loaded with Bloodshy’s vocal fuckery and big block chords, and I don’t know what the other one did, but maybe he was in charge of keeping things maudlin.

Will Adams: “Runaway (U&I)” stands out from its pumping house counterparts thanks to the quirks that the duo behind Galantis, Style of Eye and Bloodshy, bring to the table. Steel drum as bassline, sharp explosions of reverb, vocals rendered androgynous through formant-bending; these features give the listener permission to forget the impending drop for a bit. And then those clipped piano chords come in, slamming with enough force to toss them back on the dancefloor.

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5 Responses to “Galantis – Runaway (U&I)”

  1. My favorite thing about mainstream EDM is the sappy meaningless lyrics that are only meant to appeal to the raver kids after their third pill – Sebastian Ingrosso/Tommy Trash’s “Reload” wins for most pointless (yet oddly empowering and inspiring) lyrics in any song, ever. That being said, I wouldn’t mind chanting along to this song at EDC 2015.

  2. The chorus reminds me so much of the Anjulie song.

  3. I thought the same thing! Couldn’t find a way to fit it in my blurb — the melody is virtually the same

  4. I was about to scream “WHAT ABOUT THIS SOUNDS LIKE ‘STAND BEHIND THE MUSIC’ TO YOU” before I collected my wits and remembered that she had other songs, too

  5. I was really surprised at how much this does sound like Anjulie’s song You & I – the chorus is almost identical. I would be interested to know if this is an intentional remix.