Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Disclosure – Bang That

O, how the mighty have fallen…


Will Adams: Ha ha, nice try, Jukebox. Decent attempt of a prank to pass off this subpar deep house as a Disclosure song, but there’s no way they would have released this. Not with those drums so poorly mixed; usually their percussion sounds clean and sharp! Also, not with the rushed production on the breakdown and lazy use of a vocal sample. You can’t fool me — I’m not stupid, you know.

Thomas Inskeep: This is how I was hoping Disclosure would come back: less early ’90s pop-house, and more a late ’80s straight-up jack track. Sampling (and slowing down) 313 Bass Mechanics’ ghetto house “Pass Out,” they mutate it into a four-on-the-floor banger. It’s definitely a club track rather than a pop song, but that makes it no less great.

Katherine St Asaph: Disclosure’s inevitable descent into the bro, born of endless polo-shirted beer tanks screaming “Latch” at all comers and the fact that lads right out of college will be lads, reaches its inevitable conclusion. If “twerk that” showing up in a Disclosure song surprises you, you should start paying attention to something other than the Internet.

Alfred Soto: So long as I can move to the beats I’ll bang that, but as soon as the awful distorted voice and lyric start (“twerk” — really?) I’m grabbing a vodka soda. 

Iain Mew: You’d think the vocal sample would provide some kind of driving force, but Disclosure take almost the whole of five minutes to go anywhere with it. Up until then, the track is curiously shapeless, meandering its way tentatively around a small set of synth sounds to little effect.

Patrick St. Michel: Fun is great, and it’s always worth remembering a huge chunk of people mostly want music to serve as a backdrop for good times. Great! But that also doesn’t mean one has to settle for a song that sounds like the sort of track they’d play between acts at a Mad Decent Block Party. Especially coming from two guys who were really good at hitting the emotional sweet spot dance-pop could contain.

Micha Cavaseno: Yep. Disclosure are still boring.

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One Response to “Disclosure – Bang That”

  1. Hard to believe this is coming from the duo behind “White Noise” and “Latch.” Get it together!