Monday, January 18th, 2016

Snakehips ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper – All My Friends

It comes apart, the way it does in bad films…


Ramzi Awn: Cheers to the freakin’ weekend the night after. “All My Friends” touches upon the essence of partying and its inevitable regrets, with classic songwriting to boot. 

Danilo Bortoli: The sentiment contained in a lyric like “all my friends are wasted and I hate this club” is not that different from something as elitist as declaring yourself as an “antisocial pessimist“. Yet Chance the Rapper’s delivery and Tinashe’s overall presence are more down to earth than Alessia Cara’s take on college parties and weird people.

Katherine St Asaph: Like any prematurely decrepit twentysomething, I hate clubs. They are the closest thing to hell on earth I have not already enacted in my life. So “All My Friends” is not for me — like LCD Soundsystem’s predecessor, the song in practice is less about loneliness than togetherness, specifically that of wasted people singing about how wasted they are. The song’s practically custom-fabricated for some closing-time playlist, and Snakehips predictably gets the best billing while doing the least. Yet there are things for me to like. Chance further displays his wonderful inability to stop being Chance and temper his voice for a throwaway verse. Tinashe, R&B’s foremost scholar of the predatory habits of the millennial male, goes full Alessia Cara’s diary: “sure I get lonely when I’m the only human.” This might be the only song where “I’m crawling back to your bed” isn’t self-loathing but more like hitting the snooze button, specifically on the rest of your twenties. Don’t mind me, I’m just gone till November.

Will Adams: I’d like to think that the shrinking space between the indie and pop worlds, fueled by brands getting hip to syncs and the diversification of music vending platforms, is a generally Good Thing. But if it’s gonna continue down this road of pleasant nothing synthpop, I’m not so sure about it. All my cool friends have touted Snakehips as the paragon of effortless smooth for a while, but my initial reaction to “All My Friends” is: “…so that’s it?” An amicable tempo, choral chorus, and politely placed reverb; it sounds okay, but it also sounds okay.

Micha Cavaseno: Really not sure why people as talented as Tinashe and Chance need to help to contribute to what essentially becomes a campfire song of festival fuckery upon a massive shrug of production.

Alfred Soto: So accustomed am I to Tinashe staying in on Saturday night that this track’s attempt to coax her out of her room despite the introspective lyrics is discomfiting. I just don’t like the sound of Chance and Tinashe grouped as if for a Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Brad Shoup: They’re not too far gone to enjoy a nice melody; this is the good side of Cudi-ism.

Mo Kim: Don’t let the lyrics divert you: this is positively reverent, from synths so stoned they almost resemble church organs to the way that chorus brims with joy, if not for the actual experience then at least for the shared experience. More uplifting club anthems about hating clubs in 2016, please.

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7 Responses to “Snakehips ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper – All My Friends”

  1. This song is EVERYWHERE at my college. Played at pretty much every party/social gathering I go to.

  2. I’m with Moses (and especially for Chance’s bit somehow)

  3. “synths so stoned” i’ll be the judge of that

  4. i love this song, i think chance and tinashe work well together

  5. not sure if i hate or love chance when he says: “the nights we won’t remember are the nights we won’t remember”

  6. this song is so good. it’s totally ok to hate clubs. :)

  7. This song deserved more

    I haven’t stopped playing it for the last couple of weeks