Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Neiked ft. Dyo – Sexual

We are not seduced…


Thomas Inskeep: What’s the opposite of “erection”?

Claire Biddles: The thing that makes me feel the most sexual is “Jack The Ripper” by Nick Cave, so I don’t think I’m the target audience for this wispy, dry invitation to fuck.

Alfred Soto: Get ready, people: the Chainsmokers will allow more young cuties with sampled hornet sounds and courteous beats to scale the Hot 100.

Katie Gill: I officially hate whoever made that monkey’s paw wish for more tropical and tropical house influence in music. I really want to like this song. It’s high energy, has a bouncing chorus, and Dyo (the highlight of this track) seems effortless as she soars over those notes. But after a summer and a half of tropical influence, this doesn’t really stand out enough.

Will Adams: Dyo is the song’s saving grace, whether managing somehow to fuel a lyric as clunky as “I’m feeling sexual, so we should be sexual” with emotion or sweetening the inoffensive, sand-in-your-shoes production (which a simple amp-up via remix also solves). Especially powerful despite the flaws surrounding her is how Dyo fortifies her plea in the last chorus, switching from the scratchy head voice into a strong belt.

Iain Mew: Singing on two UK #1 singles and going solo in creative fashion wasn’t enough for Dyo, FKA Ms. D, to get her due, but hopefully this will start to change that. She’s got EM-pop with no trace of D as backing, a clock and a wheezy vocaloid for companions, and a chorus lyric that’s about as dumb as Apple’s pointless attempt at censoring the cover art. And yet she manages to put so much life and hope in as to transcend all that and turn it into something escapist and heartwarming.

Scott Mildenhall: What surprisingly wholesome excitement. Perhaps it’s not that rare, but it does seem unusual for a song as libidinous as this to make no real reference to physical qualities. First things first, they’ve “got a heart full of gold.” They’ve “opened a million doors.” In a really abstract way, they sound amazing. The only concrete aspect of the whole thing is the extra eager giddiness, and to that you can pin anything you like.

Anthony Easton: The beat in this isn’t really that propulsive or liquid, and though she might be singing that she feels sexual, it is an example of telling where showing might be more efficient. I’d recommend listening to middle period Madonna.

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  1. i knew people would hate this song but i love and distrust it