Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Dua Lipa ft. Miguel – Lost In Your Light

A duet we can agree on for once!


Maxwell Cavaseno: Strangest twist of the story here, folks — Dua Lipa as embodiment of IG Filter Cool smeary pop: eternally succeeding at boring me to tears. But Dua Lipa going for the Laura Branigan of 21st-century dance rock with Miguel moving alongside her to steady out of rudderless expectancy and not be nearly so jarring: much more satisfying. Here’s to hoping either or both of them continue down this road.

Thomas Inskeep: Who could’ve imagined that Rick Nowels, one of the producers three decades ago of Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven on Earth album, would still be at it in 2017, behind the board for a Moroder-esque single from British singer Dua Lipa? I’ve been fairly high on her for over a year now; she continues to show great taste in collaborators by working with not only Nowels (who, say what you will about his career, always seems to know exactly what he’s doing) but R&B lovegod Miguel, who pops up to take second-verse and chorus-harmony duties here. To be honest, he doesn’t really add much to the song, but a) I’m never mad to hear his voice, and b) “Lost in Your Light” throbs and pulsates like crazy to the point where nearly nothing else matters. This one is, as the Brits have been known to say, a corker.

Katie Gill: I’ve been a Dua Lipa stan throughout her various appearances on the Jukebox and look, it’s not gonna stop now. She’s a consistently good hitmaker and even that awkward bridge isn’t going to hamper my like for the song. The chorus is amazing, those drums are KICKING, and Dua Lipa and Miguel’s voices blend together in such a wonderful way.

Ryo Miyauchi: Dua Lipa’s retreat to disco shimmer isn’t bad, though it’s too safe of a choice after taking over the party as the Bad Bitch in “Blow Your Mind.” At least she does the retro duet justice together with Miguel, who gives back the same amount of sincere passion.

Alfred Soto: Superb drums and Dua Lipa’s committed performance, which includes harmonizing with Miguel, almost compensate for a mediocre song. I sympathize, though: I’d get lost in Miguel’s light too. 

Katherine St Asaph: It’d be sad how thoroughly Miguel obliterates Dua Lipa in the middle third of this track, if that didn’t mean we get a Miguel verse.

Will Adams: Not nearly as scintillating a duet as last year’s Miguel/Kacey Musgraves pairing, but “Lost In Your Light” is a strong iteration of present-day’s dark disco sound, thanks mainly to the charisma of its performers.

Hannah Jocelyn: This is the kind of shit I want to hear from Dua Lipa! My mom also happens to be a fan of hers, and I was ranting about we were discussing how even though she’s basically fully formed as an artist, whoever is managing her keeps pushing her into places that she doesn’t need to go, whether working with the producer of “Fight Song” and Martin Garrix or guesting on Sean Paul singles. This is the kind of song I’ve been waiting for her to do since “Be The One” first came out, matching that song’s effortlessness but with some slightly edgy R&B production that serves her very well. Sure, the bridge is a bit Julia Michaels-y, but I’m just glad that Dua’s finally doing something that sounds like her, rather than someone’s idea of what a pop star should be doing.

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  1. wrt Copperman’s take about Dua’s manager, AMEN TO THAT.

  2. my song of the year